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Archives | Autumn, moose hunting season in Quebec

Fall is hunting season in Quebec.

Reserved for the elite in the 1960s, hunting, including game hunting, x27;moose, became more democratic in the 1970s. Meeting with enthusiasts of this sporting and recreational activity in 1979 and 1981.

In the 1960s, the majority of hunting and fishing territories in Quebec were reserved for members of private clubs.

In 1976, the government of René Lévesque gave in to popular pressure and abolished private clubs. The establishment of wildlife reserves and then controlled harvesting zones (ZEC) in the late 1970s allowed for better regulation.

With the obtaining of a permit, hunters can now indulge in their leisure without having to belong to a club.

At that time, the presenter of La week green Yvon Leblanc produced a report on controlled hunting for the broadcast of April 22, 1979.

Excerpt from a report by journalist Yvon Leblanc on controlled hunting in Quebec.

With this very popular form of hunting, “moose are hunted there in the best conditions possible. can imagine”. To avoid hurting the animals, amateurs can even train at the shooting range.

Yvon Leblanc meets hunters at Parc du Mont-Tremblant who have had to comply with new regulations.

Among these: the obligation for two hunters to kill only one moose. The men surveyed agree with this measure.

“I agree with that. […] There are far fewer moose than hunters. »

— Hunter in Mont-Tremblant Park, in 1979

The abolition of private clubs and the increase in purchasing power contributed to the birth of an industry and of a hunting culture in Quebec.

In the 1980s, hunter emeritus Jean Pagé wrote a column on the program L'Univers des sports broadcast on Radio-Canada television.

Excerpt from a report by journalist Yvon Leblanc on controlled hunting in Quebec.

In this excerpt from August 9, 1981, the columnist makes his recommendations at the dawn of moose hunting season.

How to clean the barrel of your firearms? Why practice shooting? What security measures to adopt? Questions answered by the columnist.

Although hunting is less popular among young people, today it continues to establish itself as an autumn tradition well anchored in popular culture. Quebec.

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