Archive | Itinerant salespeople or the art of adapting to customers

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Archives | Traveling salespeople or the art of adapting to customers

The job of traveling salesman is characterized by the art of convincing customers.

They have long been part of the landscape in the countryside, but also in the cities. Traveling salespeople continue to exist today by making offers that are often adapted to our needs.

“I like it because I'm not a person who likes to go shopping in big centers. »

— Alain Aubin, client of Sylvain Lajoie, 2002

Report by journalist Daniel Carrière on the journey of traveling salesman Sylvain Lajoie in the Lanaudière region

On November 20, 2002, journalist Daniel Carrière proposed, at Montréal tonight,a report on a profession almost as old as the world: that of itinerant salesman.

Raymond Saint-Pierre hosts the show Montreal tonight.

Daniel Carrière went to meet Sylvain Lajoie.

In 2002, the latter has been traveling the countryside of the Lanaudière region for several years to offer a variety of items to the people who live there.

Sylvain Lajoie has in fact taken over from his father Gratien, who once also traveled the roads of the villages in his region.

You can find almost everything in Sylvain Lajoie's truck: clothes, of course, but also work boots, pots, towels…

His clientele is loyal to him.

Raymonde Rousseau, for example, has been buying clothes from the traveling salesman since 1963.

The itinerant salesman thus serves many people who live in the countryside and live far from shopping centers where they often have to go to get dressed.

He also saves those who, like Alain Aubin, find it tiring to travel to renew their wardrobe.

Lucien Boulay sells home vacuum cleaners.

Simon Durivage interviews traveling salesman Lucien Boulay who reveals some of his sales strategies.

As he confides in an interview with the show's host Informed consumers, Simon Durivage, broadcast on February 12, 1975, there are strategies in his profession that make it possible to close a deal.

 You have to know how to talk about subjects that interest customers.

You can also use objects seen in a house to start a conversation with the people you want to convince to buy the merchandise offered.

Another important detail for a seller who recommends a product associated with household hygiene is to be impeccably clean yourself, adds Lucien Boulay.

“Two dollars is cheap. She's big and thick too!

—Patrick Morency, 1996

Report by journalist Emmanuel Bilodeau who presents the itinerant seller of chocolate bars Patrick Morency.

Listening to the report by journalist Emmanuel Bilodeau, presented on the program C'est ça la vie of February 10, 1996, we see that Patrick Morency has the instinct of selling in his blood. .

The teenager sells chocolate bars on Saint-Denis Street in Montreal.

His places of sale are both the sidewalks and the many businesses that have set up shop on this major artery of the Quebec metropolis.

Patrick Morency sells chocolate to make pocket money and to be able to afford certain things for his studies.

He has a dream: he aspires to become a firefighter when he grows up.

The boy demonstrates real talents as a salesman.

Even a bar employee who claims to hate chocolate buys him bars!

The job traveling salesman may be old as the world, but he can adapt to changing realities.

Report by journalist Isabelle Lavigne on the itinerant butcher Daniel Morel

Take the case of Daniel Morel, presented to us by journalist Isabelle Lavigne in this report from the show C' est ça la vie April 16, 2010.

Philippe Schnobb animates C'c'est ça la vie.

Daniel Morel is a cattle producer and butcher in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec.

He decided to buy a truck to sell his beef and meet customers where they live.

Daniel Morel's proposal appeals to many consumers who favor short agri-food circuits and local purchases, which have experienced renewed popularity in recent years.

With this sense of adaptability, the traveling salesman profession probably still has a bright future ahead of it.

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