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On June 12, 1982, Lotto 6/49 was added to Loto- Quebec.

40 years ago, Loto-Québec introduced a new draw: Lotto 6/49. The first pan-Canadian lottery, the 6/49 was to change the habits of Quebecers thanks to the size of its jackpots. Back to the context in which this lottery game appeared.

On June 12, 1982, the first Lottery 6/49 draw offered a guaranteed minimum jackpot of $500,000. Quebec was then plunged into an economic crisis.

Lotto Ticket 6/49

The Téléjournal of June 16, 1982 bears witness to this period. Bernard Derome presents a report on the consumption habits of Quebecers in the midst of a recession:

“As Gilles Morin reports, Loto-Québec tickets are still selling like hot cakes and every blow is generously sprinkled. »

— News anchor Bernard Derome

Report by journalist Gilles Morin reveals that Loto-Québec sales increased by 10% during the last year. In 1982, Quebeckers also ranked second for beer consumption in Canada.

“Only residents of the Northwest Territories outnumber Quebecers by a few cans [of beer]. »

— Journalist Gilles Morin

It is therefore in this context that the 6/49 lottery made its appearance. However, it will be necessary to wait for the draw of August 7, 1982, two months after the marketing of this new draw, for a first jackpot to be won.

Loto-Québec lottery ticket display in a store

Then, in January 1984, Lotto 6/49 reached peak popularity with record sales for Loto-Québec. The program Le Point of January 5, 1984 focuses on this craze for the lottery.

“It's a real frenzy: the Loto-Québec kiosks are packed, the computer is overheating, Saturday's 6/49 and its five million jackpots are turning the dream industry of lotteries upside down.

— Host Simon Durivage

Host Simon Durivage talks to Loto-Québec President Jean-Marc Lafaille about this draw that is on everyone's lips. Sweet madness or furious madness? : this is the question that guides her interview.

In turn, host Denise Bombardier collects the comments of sociologist Jacques Grand'Maison on this sacred, if not consecrated, institution that represents Loto-Québec. This portion of the program discusses the problem of public morality raised by the lottery.

“Of all the daily opiums, it is the the sneakiest and hardest drug to grasp. It's escalating right now. »

— Sociologist Jacques Grand'Maison

Lotto 6/49 has not finished being studied as a social phenomenon. In March 1986, a draw will also mark Quebec society. A certain Lavigueur family then won a jackpot of $7,650,267, the highest in history at that time.

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