Archive | More than promising beginnings for the compact disc

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Archives | A more than promising start for the compact disc

Presentation of a compact disc, in 1986

On August 17, 1982, a first CD was burned in a factory in Hanover, Germany. This technology, designed by Sony and Philips, will be a dazzling success. Back to the archives on the brilliant future that was then predicted for the compact disc.

“The compact disc, read by a laser beam instead of 'a needle, is experiencing a meteoric rise in our country that exceeds the most optimistic forecasts. »

— Gaétan Lemay

This is how host Gaétan Lemay presents the compact disc to the bulletin Ce soir August 19, 1985.

Report by Paul Toutant on the meteoric rise of the compact disc since its launch

Paul Toutant's report focuses on the technological revolution represented by the CD, two years after its launch in Canada.

The success is such that there is then a shortage of readers for which it is necessary to pay between $400 and $800. The record industry cries out for a miracle. The journalist speaks of a “new breath for recorded music” and “sales in geometric progression”.

Chronicle of Diane Massicotte. Accompanied by host Dominique Lajeunesse, she presents compact disc players. The column is introduced by the host Normand Harvey.

Around the same period, the magazine Au jour le jour wanted to popularize this new product for all consumers.

On the January 15, 1986 broadcast, columnist Diane Massicotte demonstrates how to use the record player and explains the particularities of the CD.

Some comments from hosts Normand Harvey and Dominique Lajeunesse are enough to make you smile today.

Report by Paul Toutant on the first CD manufacturing plant, American Disc, in Drummondville

This is also the case with some of the predictions of the president of Disque Améric in this report from Montréal ce soir of February 4, 1987.

Paul Toutant s' talks with the entrepreneur on the occasion of the start of production of the first CD factory in Canada, located in Drummondville. In addition to American Disc, there are then 15 compact disc producers in the world.

“The cassette will probably not be replaced by the compact disc, says Michel Villemaire, but probably in 90, the black disc will be pretty much a thing of the past.

It must be said that the CD is also described by the journalist as “the most revolutionary product of the 20th century in terms of sound reproduction”.

The host Charles Tisseyre, who presents the story alongside Marie-Claude Lavallée, seems to be the only one to doubt the disappearance of the vinyl record.

The American Disc factory ceased production of CDs and DVDs in February 2011.

  • The compact disc, colloquially called CD, has a diameter of 12 centimeters.
  • It has a standard capacity of 601 megabytes and a maximum capacity of 764 MB, allowing a recording time of up to 74 minutes.
  • Unlike vinyl LPs, invented by CBS employees in 1948, the CD has great resistance to manipulation. If used normally, its lifespan is 100 years.

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