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Archives | Passion and technique, two essential elements of running

Sports columnist Jo Mallejac, host Raymond Charette and commentator analysts Michel Charland and Raymond Beauchemin put on a jogging tracksuit in 1969 to discuss this sport on the program “Temps libre”.

Do you want to start running? Are you even aiming for the marathon? To meet this challenge, you need both passion, endurance and above all good techniques to avoid injuries. Here are some running tips from the 1970s and 1990s.

Mr. Martineau has had a passion for racing since he was four years old. When he was interviewed by journalists Gaston L'Heureux and Guy Boucher on the show Les coqueluches on September 6, 1974, he had been running for 80 years … almost every day.

And it's not short distances that he covers. Since early childhood, he has run 6 to 10 miles a day (approximately 9 to 16 kilometers).

When talking about what motivates him to run like this every day, he explains: “I liked running better than walking, it tired me less”.

Interview of hosts Gaston L'Heureux and Guy Boucher with Mr. Martineau, an 84-year-old jogger.

The amateur runner suggests, however, for those who wish to start the race, not to give themselves too much of a challenge at the start. You have to start slowly by covering one or two miles first.

Which columnist Louise Poirier agrees. In her report on SRC Bonjour on May 5, 1992, she adds that it is better to start “very slowly” when starting to run .

Before undertaking endurance and long-distance running, it is necessary to know the correct techniques in order to avoid injury.

Here are some of his tips on clothing and running techniques:

  • Wear jogging shoes with thick soles to absorb shock;
  • Take five minutes to stretch well before starting;
  • Maintain a rhythm that allows you to talk while jogging;
  • Put your foot flat on the ground, going from the heel to the toes.

Report by columnist Louise Poirier who gives advice on clothing, running techniques and warming. The host is Madeleine Roy.

Don't try to imitate anyone. Jogging is a natural movement and everyone has their own style. Keep your body straight with your gaze about ten meters in front of you.

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