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The Netscape browser was the first to offer a user-friendly interface for browsing the Internet.

June 15, 2022 marks the disconnection of Internet Explorer “for certain versions of Windows 10”. Our records show that when it arrived over 25 years ago, the browser precipitated the downfall of its competitor, Netscape Navigator.

Dawn of the n the year 1995, Netscape Communications Corporation was the first company to launch software to facilitate Internet browsing.

In the radio show The business and lifeof August 12, 1995, Netscape's IPO is described as an “incredible stock market story”.

Netscape went public in the summer of 1995

“Snoopy”, “browser” or “surfer”, the term to describe this research software designed by Netscape is not yet well defined, according to journalist Luc Simard.

Yet , in one minute, the small company that is less than two years old sold more than 2 billion shares on the American stock market.

An entry on the stock market, which is all the more surprising since Netscape has not yet recorded a profit and the Internet, commercially speaking, has not yet proven itself in 1995.

Financiers, however, have grasped the great potential of the Internet.

“The beauty of this software is that it allows you to search very quickly and randomly and to find yourself as if you point to what you want in a 2,500-page phone book and immediately find the right page.

— Fund Manager Denis Durand

Soon a competitor is coming to overshadow Netscape: Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Report by Stéphane Éthier on the war between Netscape and Explorer browsers. The show is hosted by Sophie Lambert.

“The browser is the boat that allows you to navigate the Internet. This is what allows you to go on the web, to retrace your steps, to go where you want, to get your email, among other things. »

— Journalist Stéphane Éthier

On the Branché program of September 28, 1996, journalist Stéphane Éthier compared the two browsers with the columnists Patrick Chartrand and Philippe Veilleux.

80% of Internet users used Netscape Navigator at the time. Its rival Internet Explorer, however, offers many features that could allow it to stand out, particularly in terms of ease of use and multimedia tools.

The giant Microsoft is quickly accused of stifling competition in web browsers. Internet Explorer is integrated into the operating system of all Microsoft computers, which have a market share of 90%.

Report by Jean-Hugues Roy on the purchase of Netscape by AOL. The newsletter is moderated by Pierre Craig.

At the end of the 90s, Netscape lost ground, but tried to diversify by investing in electronic commerce.

< p class="e-p">This is what allows the manufacturer to be bought by AOL, as journalist Jean-Hugues Roy explains to the news bulletin Le midi of November 24, 1998.

It is nevertheless the beginning of a slow agony for the Netscape browser, which will be definitively abandoned by AOL in 2007 after a few other versions and development under free license.

In 2022, it's the turn of Internet Explorer, increasingly neglected by Internet users, to be absorbed by its little brother , Microsoft Edge.

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