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Archives | The Calgary Stampede: May the best cowboy win

The Calgary Stampede has long been an unmissable event for cowboys.

July 8-17, 2022 is the Calgary Stampede, the largest rodeo in the world. This phenomenally successful event attracts thousands of spectators. The highlight of the festivities: the rodeo competitions.

For ten days in early July, Calgary lives to the rhythm of the Stampede. Canada's largest outdoor festival brings the city to life. Tourists can visit agricultural exhibitions, cheer on wagon riders and enjoy the attractions.

But what has attracted the most people since the beginning of the festivities are the competitions of rodeo. To achieve glory, generations of cowboys have tried to overpower wild calves, horses or bulls.

The cowboy is not only an adventurer and an enthusiast, he exercises a real profession. And at the Calgary Stampede, it's the best that compete.

“Yesterday like today is before all the pride and competitive spirit that prevails. But to that, the rodeo now adds prizes that add up to more than half a million dollars. »

— Roger Léveillé, journalist

Journalist Roger Léveillé presents the effervescent atmosphere of the Stampede on the show Autostopfrom December 9, 1995.

Excerpt from a report by journalist Roger Léveillé who visits the Stampede and presents the competitions of rodeos.

Before it was an organized event, the rodeo had its origins in the friendly little challenges between cowboys in the days of the Wild West.

In the 19th century, men bought livestock at various fairs across the United States and Canada. Leading the new herd, the cowboys developed the art of lassoing in order to pursue the animals that tried to escape.

According to Daniel David, the cow professional cowboy does not compete with other cowboys. “The cowboy mentality is not competition with each other, it's competition with the animal.”

On the Stampede de Calgary special on July 23, 1988, journalist Stéphane Paré interviews the Quebec cowboy. He is one of the best in the country in the bareback horse test.

Special program on the Stampede hosted by Stéphane Paré. In particular, he talks to the Quebec cowboy Daniel David.

Daniel David gives some advice on rodeo. In order to be able to face restless and heavy animals, you have to be in good shape. It is also necessary to develop the spirit of mutual aid to help other competitors. And finally, it is important to have the support of your family.

Because, as Daniel David points out, traveling between rodeos across Canada and the United States can result in a lot of time away from loved ones.

After two years of disruption due to the pandemic, the Calgary Stampede will bring together hundreds of cowboys again this year. It may be a tough fight to choose the best of them.

  • The first official rodeos were born in the southern United States in the 1880s.
  • As early as 1886, an annual agricultural fair brought ranchers from southern Alberta to Calgary.
  • The Stampede tradition began in 1912. That year, Guy Weadick, an American nostalgic for the #x27;Wild West era, decides to hold a rodeo in Calgary.
  • Because of the First World War, the event was not resumed until 1919; a Victory Stampede is organized.
  • In 1923, the Stampede is based at the Agricultural Fair, the “Dominion Exhibition”, in Calgary.

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