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Celebrated during the weekend July 25, Camper's Christmas is a typically Quebec tradition.

Have you ever attended a Camper's Christmas? This remarkable report narrated by Henri Bergeron makes us live this typically Quebec tradition celebrated during the weekend of July 25.

What is this strange spectacle in the heart of the Laurentian forest?< /p>

In the summer of 1971, the program Invitation au loisirs focuses on a tradition that is beginning to take root in Quebec campgrounds: Camper's Christmas.

Report on the camper's Christmas directed by Henri Parizeau and narrated by Henri Bergeron following a text by Serge Deyglun.

< p class="e-p">At the Domaine Val Pontbriand campsite, near Rawdon, the event is organized by the Association des caravaniers nomades de Montréal.

They are going to celebrate not an all-white Christmas, but a still leafy Christmas, rather calorific and in perfect agreement with the comprehensive thermometer, describes the narrator Henri Bergeron.

The customs are young, but already, various activities are planned during the weekend of July 25.

During the pre-eve day, campers embellish their caravan of garlands, balloons and other preferably handcrafted decorations.

Each family decorates their campsite during Camper's Christmas weekend.

In the evening, caravanners go from caravan to caravan to get to know each other or meet up. On each site, coffee, tea and small sweets await visitors.

The next day, the friends of the great outdoors prepare for an imposing reception. Branches and logs are erected to form the gigantic New Year's Eve campfire.

Accompanied by the star fairy, Santa Claus appears in a wagon. His sled is then pulled like a trailer behind a sedan towards the reception pavilion of Domaine Val Pontbriand.

The camera of the show Invitation to leisureshows us a clown who surprisingly makes teenagers smoke. In the background, the song Petit Papa Noël is played on the accordion.

During the presentation of gifts, adults can enjoy a snack rural. There are desserts out of season perhaps, but certainly not out of taste, underlines Henri Bergeron.

Products derived from Radio-Canada shows seem to be popular: a snack head of The Green Mouse, a coloring book by Bobino

The generous New Year's Eve buffet of July 24, 1971 from the Association des caravaniers nomades de Montréal.

A few dads capture it all with their state-of-the-art camera. Meanwhile, the women are lining up the imposing New Year's Eve buffet.

Small no crust sandwiches, cheese cubes, olives, sweet pickles and other appetizers will delight guests.

As it must, it ends in each other's arms and it is by undulating to the rhythm of this rural orchestra that this night ends, concludes the narrator of the report on this night of July 24, 1971.

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