Archive | The Hunt for the Feminine in the 1980s

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Archives | La Chasse au feminine in the 1980s

Hunters s' trained in shooting in the 1980s.

In Quebec, autumn rhymes with hunting. Traditionally reserved for men, this sporting activity has attracted a growing number of women in recent years. From our archives, discover some pioneers who participated in the popularization of hunting in the 1980s.

In Quebec, hunting has long been reserved for a certain male elite. Private clubs controlled the majority of hunting and fishing grounds in the province.

At the end of the 1970s, hunting was widely democratized. In 1976, the government of René Lévesque implemented new regulations with the establishment of permits, wildlife reserves and controlled harvesting zones. Private clubs have been abolished. But was the hunt really open to women? jpeg” media=”(min-width: 0px) and (max-width: 99999px)”/>

Report by Michèle Pérusse who accompanies four hunters in the forest and collects their testimonies .

This report from the magazine Today's Woman from October 30, 1981 bears witness to this transition.

Passionate about hunting, Diane Côté, Pauline Gravel, Céline Legault and Lilian Côté indulge in their favorite pastime. Journalist Michèle Pérusse goes to meet them in the woods where they train. How did they become hunters? Where does this pleasure come from? what are their expectations? So many questions they answer between two shooting exercises, also evoking some memories of hunting.

Pauline Gravel says she started hunting to accompany her husband. She took a liking to it and now hunts alone. She does not want to meet men in the forest. “Most men don't like it, seeing a woman hunting,” she explains.

Céline Legault, for her part, dreams of organizing a great hunting trip between women.

“There are many men who have always taken hunting as their privileged territory. A territory where they can exchange between men. Naturally, it's a nice place to be. I understand them. I would love that too, just hunting with women. »

— Céline Legault

They hunt for the pleasure of walking in the forest, calling the animal and fighting it in its element.

< p class="e-p">And they love guns. “When I put my finger on the trigger, it gives me a feelingextraordinary,” says Lilian Côté.

Hunting is a set of activities. The hunters emphasize the importance of skinning the animal properly and knowing how to prepare it.

Fashion Show hunt commented by hunting enthusiast Suzanne Lapointe and host Jacques Boulanger.

Watching this broadcast of Allo Boubou from September 21, 1983, it also seems that clothing is a very important aspect of hunting.

< p class="e-p">The tone is lighter, but the fact remains that host Suzanne Lapointe was a true hunting ambassador in the 80s.

Alongside host Jacques Boulanger, she comments on the hunting clothes presented in a fashion show. She also provides some advice depending on whether you practice fine hunting, clay pigeon shooting or even more serious hunting.

Thanks to a few pioneers and ambassadors of hunting in Quebec, several organizations for women have been born. La Chasse au Feminine, in the Outaouais, and Fauniquement Femme, in the Mauricie, allow women to learn about hunting or simply get together.

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