Archive | The swimsuit, a summer accessory that arouses passions

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Archives | The swimsuit, a summer accessory that arouses passions

The bikini was created in 1946 by French fashion designer Louis Réard.

Associated with beauty and aesthetics, the swimsuit, and particularly the bikini, leaves no one indifferent, as our archive reports show.

“It's a bad deal. We are a civilized country here. »

— A bather interrogated during a vox pop on a beach, 1964

“The bikini turned 50 this year. As soon as it appeared, these two pieces of fabric – in fact four small triangles – caused a scandal. »

— Raymond Saint-Pierre, 1996

Journalist Pierre Paquette interviews swimmers on wearing bikinis.

On July 3, 1964, journalist Pierre Paquette collected the opinions of bathers at Cap-Saint-Jacques beach, on the island of Montreal, for the program Aujourd'hui.< /p>

The subject? Are you for or against wearing a bikini?

We can see that opinions on the matter are quite divided.

For example, a rather prudish bather claims that “he would bring a towel” to a woman who dared wear a bikini.

A swimmer, for her part, is rather in favor of women showing their advantages.

The least we can say is that these little pieces of fabric make a lot of noise.

Report by journalist Achille Michaud on the history of the bikini and the swimsuit industry

On August 20, 1996, the program Le Point presents a report by journalist Achille Michaud on the bikini which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

The host of the The Raymond Saint-Pierre show reminds us that this type of swimsuit has often been the subject of scandal.

Achille Michaud's report helps us understand why.

In July 1946, a French fashion designer, Louis Réard, gave a big scissor cut to his swimsuits.

Louis Réard named his creation bikini, in reference to the atoll in the Pacific Ocean where a nuclear test took place five days before the presentation of his new model.

Réard hoped that his creation would have such a bomb effect in the fashion world.

He didn't missed his shot. The bikini is actually a culture shock.

Religious authorities condemn him.

It will be prohibited in cinemas as well as on the beaches of several European countries for years.

In the 1950s and 1960s, actresses, in particular Brigitte Bardot, popularized the bikini.

It was nevertheless forbidden to wear it in German swimming pools until 1970.

The report by journalist Achille Michaud explains the passions that raises the swimsuit, and particularly the bikini, by an ambiguity that exists around this garment.

The swimsuit was originally designed in the 19th century to practice an activity, bathing, related to health.

However, those who design and create this garment have never been able to completely detach themselves from the criteria attached to an idealized model of beauty and sensuality of the female body.

< p class="e-p">However, these ideals, relayed by fashion industry advertising, are often very far from the reality of women's bodies.

It's as if 99% of women have to comply with the canons of beauty imposed by the physique of the 1% of perfect women whose images we see in magazines and fashion posters.

Many women have therefore developed a love-hate relationship with this garment.

Tailor-made tailoring is, for some women, the solution to finding the jersey that will suit their body.

Host Simon Durivage comments on the sale price of swimsuits

There is another topic that can potentially cause passions when it comes to the bikini. its cost.

Can we explain by a law of economy why a garment that requires so little fabric is so expensive?

This is the question presented by host Simon Durivage of the show Consommateur Sauvage to viewers on June 21, 1977.

The selling price of a bikini is several times higher than its manufacturing price, protests Simon Durivage.

He claims to hold in his hand a dozen swimsuits whose prices would total $410.

The host demonstrates to us that their manufacturing cost is about twenty times lower.

Simon Durivage recognizes that several other factors come into consideration in the sale price, including labor or taxes, for example.

But he said he was surprised at such a difference between the cost price and the sale price.

So wait until September to buy a bikini when they are on sale, advises the host in conclusion.

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