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Archives | trades still relevant: sharpeners and grinders

Blade sharpeners are still among the useful professions in our society.

A poorly sharpened knife, chisel or skate blade is of little use. This is why we have always appreciated the work of sharpeners and grinders who have in no way lost their relevance, as can be seen by looking at these archival reports.

“A knife that really cuts is a knife that has bite on both sides and […] is very soft. »

—Jean-Marie Dupuis, 2005

Marie-Josée Taillefer and Denis Gagné have the work of sharpeners evaluated on twenty blunt knives.

On September 28, 2005, the hosts ofL'Epicerie Marie-Josée Taillefer and Denis Gagné conducted an investigation into the maintenance of tools that make our daily lives easier: knives and scissors.

At the time, were the sharpeners and grinders that offered to sharpen the blades of these instruments reliable?

To conduct the survey, The grocery store submitted 20 dull knives to 10 different sharpening locations in the Montreal area and had the results verified by specialists in industrial sharpening.

Their verdict is disappointing.

More than two-thirds of sharpened knives do not receive a passing grade. In fact, they are just good to be resharpened.

How to explain this very bad result?

According to a specialist consulted, the lack of training could explain this situation.

The two hosts conclude that while this deficiency can be understood, it is nonetheless inexcusable, especially when several dollars are claimed for the sharpening of a single blade.

It would be wrong to believe that the profession of sharpener and grinder is part of the jobs of yesteryear.

In fact, many still practice this profession in the streets of the big cities of the 21st century, as in Montreal.

Francis reddy takes us to meet two sharpeners, Thérèse Guillemette and André Brassard.

On June 8, 2010, the host of the show Des kiwis et des hommes, Francis Reddy, took us to meet the sharpeners of the Andy mobile truck: Thérèse Guillemette and André Brassard.

The couple have been working as itinerant grinders for three years.

Together, they crisscross part of the territory of Montreal and its region, signaling by means of a bell that it's now or never if you want to sharpen your blades.

It was Thérèse Guillemette who taught André Brassard the art of sharpening knife blades.

Her father first taught her how to sharpen handsaws, then she studied with an expert the art of sharpening other types of blades.

People appreciate and wait for their passage, says Thérèse Guillemette.

No need to run after the truck, Thérèse and André will stop and park their vehicle if you tell them that you need their services.

In 1996, sharpening a knife could cost $4 to $7

Are there any tips to prevent a knife blade from or chisel dull?

Avoid washing them in the dishwasher, recommends Thérèse Guillemette.

Also use soapy water and something called a rat's tail to maintain the edge, she adds.

Report by journalist Robert Frosi on professional sharpener Jean-Pierre Riopel

December 28 2019, the journalist Robert Frosi offers us a report on the Téléjournal which leads us to meet a rather special sharpener.

This is Jean-Pierre Riopel.

The Quebecer exercises an unusual specialty: professional skate blade sharpener.

His reputation is such that he is sought out around the world by several very high level figure skaters.

This is the case of Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron.

French figure skaters, five-time world champions and gold medalists at the Beijing Olympics, consider Jean-Pierre Riopel a member of their team.

Another very high-level figure skater, Canadian Tessa Virtue, gold medalist at the Vancouver and Pyeongchang Olympics, also asked Jean-Pierre Riopel for emergency help while she was in South Korea. Sud and him… in Montreal.

Jean-Pierre Riopel's keen eye and experience allowed him, despite the enormous distance, to quickly discover what was wrong not with the athlete's skates and to have the blade guard, which was defective, replaced.

Despite his expertise, Jean-Pierre Riopel still gets nervous when he sees his clients in competition using skates he has sharpened.

His great fear: that they will fall because of their skates.

Jean-Pierre Riopel arranges about 150 skate blades per week for skaters from all over the world.

He made many friends around the world.

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