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Claire Pimparé hosted a show in 1984 that was part of the exercise program craze.

Would you like to get back in shape this winter? These two finds from our archives could well inspire you.

Did you know that the actress Claire Pimparé had already hosted a fitness show?

In the very first broadcast of At Your Own Pace, the September 17, 1984, the host presents her dance exercise.

Workout session hosted by Claire Pimparé.

This extract of about ten minutes allows us to dive into a complete training session and reproduce it at home.

The program begins with a warm-up period that requires finger snapping and hand clapping in coordination with body movements.

Surrounded by a group of dancers with studied ensembles, the host then demonstrates her aerobic program, which is very important for increasing heart rate.

Three exercises adapted for beginners and advanced levels follow one another: the star, the jog and the pelvic pivot

“We put energy at home too!

— Host Claire Pimparé

A period of relaxation and flexibility concludes the exercise program.

It is very important to do it at your own pace, to let the weight of the body act and to hold the position, underlines the facilitator.

The instruction applies to viewers of 1984 as well as to those who discover danceexercise in our archives.

Report from Winnipeg by journalist Yves Desautels on the surging craze for physical fitness.

“Every morning, Francine Poitras starts her day to the sound and rhythm of Jane Fonda, the queen of fitness. »

— Journalist Yves Desautels

Journalist Yves Desautels, now well known as a traffic columnist on Radio-Canada radio, offered us a nice report in 1983 on the craze for exercise programs.

Almost every week, a new sports club opens its doors in the country, underlines the journalist based in Winnipeg at Téléjournal of December 27, 1983.

The most popular activities? Aerobic dance and jazz ballet, Yves Desautels reveals to us.

Instead of arriving at home and banging your head on the walls, it's more easy to go take a dance class and let go, suggests Professor Jacques Lemay.

The dance studios that the journalist visits can only encourage us to put on our most beautiful leggings to join the movement.

In a weightlifting club increasingly frequented by women, Yves Desautels even gives in to the temptation to test a weight lifting device. x27;exercises to make viewers smile.

A healthy mind in a healthy body. They managed to convince me, too! he justifies himself in the conclusion of his report.

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