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Archives | When Easter rhymed with  elegance

Shopping for hats at Dupuis Frères, “Vu”, April 6, 1961.

Let's go back in time to 1961 when customers of the Montreal department store Dupuis Frères choose with take care of their pretty hats for the Easter festivities. These particularly sympathetic archival images are revealing of a now bygone tradition.

Easter traditions were numerous in the 1960s. Among these, the purchase of an Easter hat represented an opportunity for women to wear a more extravagant headgear, often wide-brimmed and adorned with feathers, flowers or ribbons.

At the time, the moral code still forbade women to go out without covering their heads and Easter became a pretext for coquetry.

In this archive document from the show VuApril 6, 1961, hidden cameras capture ladies trying on their hats at the Dupuis Frères department store in Montreal.

Des women try on hats at Dupuis Frères for Easter. Filming is done using hidden cameras. Director André Morin.

The choice proves difficult for some…

The wearing of hats by women will cease to ;being a social obligation during the 1960s. It would become an accessory worn for special occasions or for the simple pleasure of the thing.

The Dupuis Frères department store, opened in 1868 and located on Sainte-Catherine Street east of Berri Street, Montreal, closed in January 1978.

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