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Archives | When picking apples becomes a party

The harvest of apples in an orchard in October 1977.

Do you go apple-picking in the fall? As evidenced by our archives, the tradition of picking apples dates back to the 1970s in Quebec.

Here is an original and economical form of apple picking, says host Gabi Drouin in the newscast This evening of September 25, 1978.

About fifty apple growers in the greater Montreal area now allow people to pick apples themselves from their orchards. An initiative born four years earlier.

Report by journalist Danièle Bombardier on a tradition of picking apples that has settled in Quebec. The newsletter is presented by Gabi Drouin.

Journalist Danièle Bombardier visits an orchard in Rougemont to observe this trend.

Seasonal labor for apple picking is scarce, says apple grower Gilles Jodoin. U-pick thus makes it possible to make some savings by reducing intermediaries.

Sundays, with the blessing of apple growers, the orchards are now invaded by families, who make it a real party .

Pleasant day, exercise, economy, health through fruit. In short, everything to satisfy a tired city dweller, in bad shape and who – like everyone these days – pulls the devil by the tail, concludes the journalist in her report.

Excerpt from a report by Gabi Drouin and Armand Fortin on the promotion of Quebec apples with the Regional Apple Festival of St-Joseph-du-Lac and the creation of Pomexpert.

In Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, apple season is celebrated with a regional festival.

In addition to being able to admire the magnificent spectacle of the orchards, tourists and locals the place can attend a parade of allegorical floats accompanied by a brass band and majorettes.

This is what this report by Gabi Drouin on the show shows us Green weekof October 25, 1987.

In 1987, each Quebecer consumed an average of 18 kilos of apples per year.

The region's apple growers would like however, local apples make up a larger share of this consumption.

The regional apple festival thus becomes a promotional tool for local apple growing, just like the Pommexpert agency, which is also discussed in this report.

Host France Castel discusses the origins of the apple with agronomist and columnist Paul Boutet.

And what are the origins of apple growing, an industry that has taken on great importance over time in Quebec?

The columnist Paul Boutet tells it with a lot of humor to the host France Castel on the set of the program Les Coqueluches of September 19, 1979.

< p class="e-p">Around 1835, John McIntosh, the son of a Scotsman established in Ontario, worked to improve a first variety of apples in our territory.

In 1979, 80% of apples in orchards in the Saint-Hilaire and Rougemont region belonged to the McIntosh variety.

McIntosh is also the source of many crosses to create apples such as Melba or Newton.

There is no shortage of apple varieties these days, although McIntosh is still very common.

Early and late varieties allow enthusiasts to pick apples from late August to mid-October in Quebec orchards.

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