Are Oreos even more addictive than cocaine?

Oreos even more addictive than coke?

According to a scientific study, Oreos are even more addictive than cocaine. Does this info sound unbelievable to you? Here are the explanations.

Who has never crunched with greed in an Oreo? This little round chocolate cookie filled with vanilla is one of the stars of the snack. Hard not to consume the entire package when you started… A real addiction! This is what an American scientist wanted to prove. Joseph Schroeder is director of the behavioral neuroscience program at the University of Connecticut. With his team, he therefore conducted a series of experiments on laboratory rats. He subjected them to morphine and cocaine. Then to rice cakes… And Oreos! So what did the results show?

According to the professor, the rats' reaction was predictable: “Like humans, rats don't seem to take much pleasure in eating the rice cakes.”, he asserted. On the other hand, the rats would not have hesitated to devour the Oreos. After several analyses, the researchers were able to deduce that the sensation felt by the animals when eating the Oreos was similar to that felt when consuming morphine or cocaine. Worse still: the cookies would activate even more neurons in the pleasure zone of the brain than the drug itself!

It’s the sugar that would make Oreos addicted h2>

Joseph Schroeder also explained that the attitude of the rats was even akin to tasting: some of them visibly opened their Oreo in half to appreciate the vanilla cream first! So, if the biscuit is so attractive, both for animals and humans, it is because it is extremely rich in sugar and fat. “Our research has demonstrated the theory that foods saturated with fat and sugar stimulate the brain in the same way as hard drugs. Which may explain why some people can't resist this type of food. Despite the fact that they know it's bad for them., confirmed the researcher. So, will you look at your Oreo with the same eye tomorrow morning at breakfast? Not sure!

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