Are Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan competing with the Queen?

Are Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan competing with the Queen?

Are Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan competing with the Queen?

Updated on December 7, 2020, 2:40 p.m.

    Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan reportedly want to give their own prizes for benefactors.
    This would also give them awards alongside the Queen.
    The British press sees this as competition.

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Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry supposedly want theirs own prices lend and thus to the Honors of the Queen in competitor kick, as reported by the British tabloids. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex with their Son Archie Living in California, according to the Sun, plan to honor individuals, charities, and companies who do Engage in areas that are important to Harry and Meghan. Queen Elizabeth II awards her awards, including the so-called Accolade, each to New Year and to hers official birthday party in June.

The prices of Meghan and Harry are said to be specific outstanding personalities and groups focus on specific areas, such as the “Sun” citing Court documents reported. This includes: “Charitable work, education, science, literature, the fight against racism, equal rights, ecological responsibility, promoting youth, physical and mental health”. The awards are supposed to be through the “Archewell” Foundation awarded by Meghan and Harry.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have famous neighbors in California

It was not until the summer of this year that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan moved into their new home with their son Archie Montecito in California after being considered earlier in the year high-ranking members of the royal family resigned were. Soon the couple will have a high-profile celebrity in their neighborhood. Star talker Ellen DeGeneres has one, according to reports from the Wall Street Journal Villa right next door Bought.

For the equivalent of around 40 million euros acquired the talk show host along with her wife, Actress Portia de Rossi, one of the most expensive property in the history of the exclusive area. This is according to the celebrity portal of the “New York Post” in the direct neighborhood of the royals. The property comprises three plots, which add up to around 16,000 square meters. On top there is a villa, a barn and a large pond.

Also live in the exclusive area of ​​California Megastars as Oprah Winfrey, the Kardashians or Rob Lowe.
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The corona pandemic is keeping the world in suspense. The exceptional situation does not leave Prince Harry unaffected either.

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