Are you a robot? You will no longer have to answer this question on iPhone


&Are you a robot? You won’t have to answer this question on iPhone anymore

Captcha tests, created in 2000, are used to differentiate humans from robots on the web.

If you have an iPhone or a computer Mac, it's soon for you the end of testa captcha, these famous puzzles of letters, numbers and photos.

With its next update, Apple promises a new feature allowing compatible websites and applications to confirm that you are indeed a human being, without asking you to identify obscure traffic lights, or pixelated buses.

You probably don't like it when these puzzles interrupt you. I certainly don't appreciate them, said Tommy Pauly, an Apple engineer, in a video from the Californian company.

He recognizes, however, that their function is crucial: prevent fraud.

Some attempts to create accounts or purchase products come from legitimate users, he explained. But other attempts may come from attacks or bots.

With iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura, Apple intends to move away from the traditional captcha system, created in 2000, in favor of a Private Access Token system, which was developed by several web giants.

This will allow sites and compatible applications to verify the authenticity of Apple users through iCloud, which will provide encrypted information about their account and their device.

The Californian company indicates that no personal information, such as an email address or phone number, will not be used for this verification. It will be possible to disable this feature.

With information from The Guardian, and Engadget


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