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Argentina - New -Zealand: the All Blacks sovereign and in the final

At the end of a match that they outrageously dominated, the All Blacks defeated the Pumas (44-6) and qualified for their 5th World Cup final. They will find South Africa or England there.

Argentina - New Zealand: the All Blacks sovereign and in final

Argentina 6: 44

 Argentina - New Zealand: the All Blacks sovereign and in the final

New Zealand Live

23:40 – See you tomorrow

Thanks to all and all everyone for accompanying us to follow the first semi-final of the Rugby World Cup which saw New Zealand make short work of Argentina. See you tomorrow for the second semi-final for a remake of the 2019 final between England, the last European representative, and South Africa, title holder and defeater of France.

Argentina - New Zealand: the All Blacks sovereign and in the final

As a symbol, Nicolas Sanchez wants to play In the 83rd minute, three minutes after the siren, this last penalty was scored. but his diagonal kick does not find the touchline but the arms of Telea. Until the end, nothing will work for the Pumas, who were defeated. crushed in semi-final, not invited to the party. Opposite, the New Zealanders didn't even explode, far from the outpourings of joy of last week. Not the slightest reaction except these satisfied faces, outside. sentence affected by effort. A contrast that says everything about the intensity of the crazy about the previous tour and the evening walk. Because the All Blacks left nothing, not even granting a victory. the slightest attempt at their rivals from the Southern Hemisphere, to open the doors wide to the World Cup final.

The pre-match speeches, the encouragement, the calls for support remember that the Pumas already had it In fact, these are quickly shattered by the pitiless reality. The suspense will have lasted three minutes, time for a first spirited attack from the Argentinians. We then thought that they had taken the match in the right direction but that was the only moment where they were able to win. they lead in the score. A few minutes later, on their first foray, the New Zealanders responded with a first try from Jordan. The beginning of the lone rider of the black stallions. These would feed off the countless imprecisions and clumsiness of the opponents.

At the break, the gap was 14 points ahead and the public whistled in the face of the opposition. a dull spectacle. Argentina was KO standing and would continue to take blows. As soon as the restart, Gonzalez committed a forward attack. reception. Behind a conquering melee, Smith mystified Bertranou with a fake pass to the outside, took the interval close and went to the right. the test. Barely time to digest before Frizell scored a double, taking advantage of a furious breakthrough from Mo'unga. Although the Pumas struggled, they had nothing to do. oppose solidity and New Zealand rigor.

The end of the match was not much better for the South Americans who continued to sink and saw Jordan score a hat-trick, to become the top scorer of the tournament with 7 tries, one better than Penaud. First almost by walking to finish the work at the end of the line, then all alone after a 55 m race where he eliminated three defenders, including poor lobbed Boffelli. by the millimeter foot clearance; of the New Zealand winger. Enough to give scale to the score and further materialize the undivided domination of the men in black as much as the gap between the two sides. which separates them from the Skies and Whites.

A week after shaking and wavered In a monumental quarter-final, the All Blacks won. in a tasteless semi-final with suspense too quickly over to invite itself a fifth time in the world final. It will be in a week and it will be a whole different story where adversity promises to be completely different against South Africans or English.

23:10 – Argentina not invited

The Pumas knew they had to play the perfect match to finally reach the World Cup final but like in 2007 and 2015, they failed in the semi-final. Montoya and his gang will, however, try to match the best result of the selection in the event by going for third place as Pichot and his troop did.

< h3 class="app_edito_title_2">23:05 – Whitelock in history

Already; Double world champion, Samuel Whitelock will write a new page of legend next Saturday. Indeed, for his 153rd selection, the future Palois will play his 3rd World Cup final (2011, 2015 and therefore 2023). He will thus become the first player to win. have this honor.

23:00 – The fifth for the Blacks

By easily dominating Argentina, New Zealand qualified for the fifth time in its history in the final of the World Cup. Its results there are currently very positive since they have been sacred to three times, for a single failure in 1995 against South Africa in…South Africa.

Never worried for 80 minutes, New Zealand inflicts a correction on Argentina and reached the Cup final for the first time since 2015 (44-6). The All Blacks made no details and moved on. 7 attempts at Pumas, valiant in the fight but far too limited and authors of too many technical faults to hope for better.

22:49 – Mo'unga too greedy

The New Zealanders advance within the Argentinian 22 meters after a good conquest in touch . The game is growing widely. right where Mo'unga can shift Jordan at the end of the line but prefers to play personal and gets stuck on the ground at the end of the line. 2 m from the opposing goal. The Blacks lose the ball.

22:46 – Very close to the interception

Boffelli goes up and is very close to intercepting the New Zealand pass but Telea manages to bring him back to his camp and away; start moving forward. Too bad for the Argentinian winger who then had the field cleared. to go to the essay.

22:44 – Failed transformation of Mo'unga (6-44)

Mo'unga is not successful against the posts and misses a new transformation.

And three for Will Jordan who pushes the Argentinians a little further. Coming out of the sidelines, the winger offers to play. inside and is served by Savea. He then escapes, leaves Sanchez there before playing for himself at the Boffelli lobbing foot before going to finish after a 55 m race.

22:41 – Moroni plays in touch

After recovering from a hazardous kicking game behind McKenzie's back and followed by no one, Moroni raises. He walks towards the group and knocks. follow but there also no one followed. The ball goes into touch in front of the 22 m.

22:39 – Savea forward

The All Blacks held on to Argentina’s previous offensive at home. 14 against 15 and brought back play in the center of the field near the halfway line. With their forwards, they concentrate the play in the axis but on the launch to the right. right, Savea wants to go too fast and commits to going ahead.

22:37 – The changes continue

Over the last 3 minutes, 6 changes were made; achieved. For the Pumas, Montoya, Chocobares, Isa, Santiago Carreras and Gallo left; the lawn, for the benefit of Creevy, Moroni, Bruni, Sanchez and Sclavi. For the All Blacks, Cane gives way to Papali'i. 

On the ground in the group, Scott Barrett extends his arm to hinder the Argentine's launch of the game. If it hasn't been caught live, he is caught by the patrol the video. Yellow card against the New Zealand second row.

22:32 – Aborted restart

The Argentines are under pressure in their 22m and Mallia attempts a daring, almost suicidal recovery from his goal. With a feint, returning inside, he erases a New Zealander but is caught by a second. By wanting to give to a partner, he commits the en-avant.

22:31 – New failure for Mo'unga (6-39)

Collé à the sideline at left, Mo'unga rolls up his attempt too much which passes to the left. left of the posts.

At the end of a new sequence without a hitch, and with a big contribution from the forwards in particular Williams who managed to win. crosses the sky and white curtain, Jordan flattens in the end of the line, signing a double. like Frizell.

22:28 – The New Zealanders back in the 22m

The Pumas are valiant but multiply the mistakes on the ground. Two consecutive fouls and that's it! the All Blacks with a twist negotiate on the Argentinian 22m line.

22:27 – Sterility Argentina

On the New Zealand’s 22m line, the Argentinians struggle with the balance of power and are trapped there since Gallo commits the forward move.

22:25 – An Argentinian reaction

On the left wing, Mateo Carreras escapes. three defenders to launch the Argentinian offensive. He found support up close with Kremer. Behind, Santiago Carreras opens with his foot diagonally for Boffelli. The latter takes the internal discount interval for Mallia which is caught up with the latter. by Mo'unga. The New Zealanders finally began to take action. the mistake and the Pumas choose the touchline to try to score a try in this semi-final.

22:23 – Quadruple New Zealand change

< p>In the 56th minute, Ian Foster decided to rotate and recalled Groot, Lomax, Smith and Beauden Barrett to the bench to start Williams, Newell, Christie and McKenzie.

22 :20 – The rebound against Jordan

The Pumas defend strongly and advance. They push back the All Blacks. Jordie Barrett sees the hole in the back and hits diagonally towards Jordan but the rebound escapes. the winger who commits the forward attack to 15 meters from the South American goal.

22:19 – The Blacks rule the roost in the scrum

Once again, the New Zealand pack took the upper hand over the Argentinian pack and collected a penalty. which allows Jordie Barrett to go for a touch in the 22m of the Pumas.

22:17 – Salve of changes

Just after the 5th try néo -Zealandic, at In the 51st minute, the two coaches proceeded to make a move. Changes. Side Argentinian, Gomez Kodela and Bertranou leave the pitch in favor of Bello and Bazan. Side New Zealander, Taylor gives way to Taukei'aho.

Mo'unga has settled the problem. the sights and offset on the left 30 meters, he does not shake to increase the gap in favor of the All Blacks.


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