“Armand you're crazy”, the ex-girlfriend of Kaaris comes out of silence and makes shocking revelations


“ Armand you're acting crazy », Kaaris’s ex-girlfriend breaks the silence and makes shocking revelations

Kaaris' ex-girlfriend has just shared a long message on social networks addressed to him. She is ready to swing big files on the rapper.

Kaaris is the father of two children. He had a little girl named Amra from a first union and more recently a little boy with his current partner. When the rapper isn't busy with his musical projects, he frequently shares snaps of his little family on social media. But now, it seems that Riska is currently having problems with the mother of her daughter. This is not the first time that young parents have been in conflict. Remember, his rival Booba had accused Kaaris of having cheated on his first companion Linda. Today, Amra's mother came out of the silence to attack the rapper.

In a first message, Linda therefore wrote: “It's sad to see that after so many months and so much patience on my part, and following yet another manipulation, I find myself obliged today to defend my rights and my honor. A lot of things happened if you knew. I safeguarded the interests and the career of someone who never had the slightest respect for the mother of his daughter despite almost 14 years with him. I was forced to keep silent because of the entourage, the threats, the family pressure. I'm not afraid anymore, but not at all. Today is over. I'm going to do what I should have done a long time ago. Unlike others, you did not find me on the sidewalk or in show cases. Never forget that. To be continued…”.

Kaaris at the heart of a new controversy

Linda then shared a story from Booba's rival in which he posted a photo of Johnny Depp at his trial. She added: “Oh good Johnny now! Armand, you're acting crazy. More than 13 years you forgot? You know very well that I do not speak without concrete and real proof, otherwise you would not have forced me to sign a confidentiality agreement, but if you want to play ok. I'm not talking about a file, sauces I have to suit all tastes. You could have sorted this out a long time ago, but since you're just a traitor. The first thing you said to me when I burned your double life was 'you're going to post me on the networks I'm dead'. You were just afraid of that. You didn't see it coming, so you took the confidence. We both know the truth about you and I'm not just talking about your treachery, huh. You're downright willing to get people in trouble… There's karma, don't worry.”. We will see if Kaaris will react to the threats of his ex-girlfriend.