Armed Forces of Ukraine surrounded the Russian group in Liman – ISW

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Ukrainian troops surrounded the Russian group in Liman - ISW

Ukrainian troops broke through the defense Russian Federation in the Stavok area and cut the Torskoye-Drobyshevo road.

Ukrainian troops have probably almost completed the encirclement of the Russian group in Liman, Donetsk region, and cut off critical ground communications supporting Russian troops in the Drobyshevo-Liman area. This is stated in the report of the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) for September 29.

According to analysts citing Russian sources, the Armed Forces of Ukraine broke through the defenses of the Russian army in the area of ​​​​the village of Stavki, 10 km north of Liman, and cut the Torsk-Drobyshevo road, which is the last supply and retreat route for Russian units holding the line west of Liman.

It is noted that the units of the BARS-13 detachment and the 752nd motorized rifle regiment of the 20th combined arms army of the Russian Federation, which hold the defense in the Drobyshevo and Liman area, found themselves in an “extremely difficult” situation.

“Ukrainian troops are attacking Liman from three directions and have cut off Russia's access to the critical Svatovo-Liman road, which is the main land line supporting the Russian group in Liman itself,” the report reads.

Ukrainian forces encircled the Russian grouping in Liman - ISW

In addition, Ukrainian forces continued counter-offensive operations along the Oskol River in the north-east of the Kharkov region and tried to break through the Russian defenses near the border of the Kharkov and Luhansk regions.

It is indicated that the capture of Liman by Ukrainian troops is inevitable without immediate reinforcements from Russian forces. At the same time, the military leadership of the Russian Federation is sending to the front recently mobilized and untrained personnel.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian authorities are not responding to the current losses near Liman and are not preparing for a potential collapse on the indicated sector of the front.

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