Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to liberate Mariupol before the end of the year – US General

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Ukraine may de-occupy the city within the next two months, according to US military Ben Hodges.<p> Ukraine has every chance to liberate Mariupol in less time than the Russian invaders spent on its occupation. In particular, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can do this until the end of 2022. This was stated by the former commander of the US Ground Forces in Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges in an interview with Radio Liberty, published on Tuesday, November 8.</p><p>The military answered the question of why he believes that Ukraine will be able to de-occupy this city within the next two months, while Russia spent much more time and effort on its occupation.</p><p>“Remember, when the Russians attacked Mariupol, what were the circumstances? They were Ukrainian soldiers defending their homeland. They (the defenders of Azovstal – ed.) were from there. And therefore you have the will to fight, a moral factor, if you like, the determination of the soldiers defending “home. Any Russian troops that are in Mariupol are not protecting anything. None of them want to be there. They will see that they are trapped with their backs to the Sea of ​​Azov, and this is a completely different set of circumstances,” he explained.</p><p> The former commander of the US Ground Forces in Europe stressed that he does not diminish the challenges that Ukraine faces in terms of liberating its territories, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine have a higher motivation than the Russian occupiers.</p><p >“And when it comes to testing logistics, the Russians are in trouble. They are running out of capacity. Most of their top quality equipment has been destroyed or is not available because their logistics system is so depleted. Of course, I rely on open sources, but we We know that the Ukrainians are intercepting all sorts of conversations by Russian soldiers that they no longer have cars, they have no parts, they have no ammunition,” Hodges said.</p><p> According to him, Russia “is defeated in the old fashioned way.”</p><p> “They are defeated on the battlefield. The Black Sea Fleet – zero help, except for launching missiles, they are nowhere on the Black Sea “They are hiding from Ukrainian anti-ship missiles and now survive through Ukrainian drones. Therefore, of course, it is still too early to plan a victory parade, but I am an optimist,” the military summed up.</p><p> As we wrote earlier, the Russian occupiers began to build line of defense around the city of Mariupol.</p><p> <em>Reply Telegram. Subscribe to our channel</em></p>  <script async src=