Arms trafficking: full parole of William Rainville

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Trafic d’ weapons: full parole of William Rainville

William Rainville was arrested near the US border in March 2021. (File photo)

Sherbrooke William Rainville, who was arrested near the US border in March 2021 with the parts needed to assemble nearly 250 handguns, was granted full parole, according to a Feb. 20 Parole Board of Canada document.

The young man, who was 24 at the time of his arrest, had been sentenced to five years in prison in July 2021, among others for offenses of possession for the purpose of trafficking in firearms prohibited. He then had 50 months left to serve, as he had already spent time in preventive detention.

Valleyfield RCMP officers seized 249 weapons in component parts from William Rainville's vehicle on March 5, 2021. (File Photo)

During his incarceration, he maintained a conforming and respectful behavior towards various staff members, aside from a serious disciplinary breach for a positive THC urine test, according to his file.

He was then placed on day parole in a community residential center in mid-August 2022, where he adopted a good attitude and appeared to respect all of [his] special conditions, the parole board said. . He also found a job.

In its decision, the Commission underlines the serious consequences of firearms trafficking, which contributes […] to undermine public safety. However, it notes a low risk of general recidivism in William Rainville.

“Four out of five offenders with characteristics similar to yours will not commit a crime within three years of release.

—Parole Board of Canada

It also specifies that the search for enrichment, prestige and social recognition are at the origin of […] William Rainville's criminal activities, while his potential for social reintegration is considered high. The document adds that the man verbalizes […] regrets over [his] actions.

In its decision, the Commission also recalls that the court had determined that the file by William Rainville involved some planning. The young man, who is now 26 years old and who had no criminal record, had notably purchased a property straddling the Canada-US border about a year before his arrest.

William Rainville owned a mansion straddling the Canada-US border in Dundee . (File photo)

“The type of crimes you have committed inevitably involve ties to highly criminalized and potentially violent individuals. »

— Parole Board of Canada

William Rainville will thus be subject to several conditions, including those to provide all his financial information to his parole supervisor and not to not be responsible for someone else's investments. It must also allow inspection of its telecommunications devices and not come into contact with people who may be involved in criminal activities.

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