Army reprimands two officers who ignored sexual misconduct rules

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Army reprimands two officers for ignoring sexual misconduct rules

The two officers' hearings were held before 50 members of 4 Wing.

Two Royal Canadian Air Force officers received a reprimand and a short pay suspension for failing to enforce military regulations on sexual misconduct.

Col. Colin Marks and Lt. Col. Corey Mask were charged following an informal meeting in which nicknames and call signs were assigned to new members, over drinks, at one of Canada's two main air bases, 4 Wing Cold Lake, Alberta.

During this meeting, which took place in June, several fighter pilots assigned a callsign inappropriate call to another pilot. The CRA faulted the two officers for failing to carry out [their] responsibilities and failing to effectively enforce defense administrative directives and orders.

Col. Colin Marks lost eight days pay, while Lt. Col. Corey Mask lost five.

The charges were not criminal, and hearings were conducted by other officers at the Cold Lake base. According to the RCAF, impartiality was still guaranteed, because the officers involved in the process had no relations with the colonel and the lieutenant-colonel.

L The Royal Canadian Air Force says the incident has kick-started a culture change within its ranks.

In a written statement, it asks its members to learn lessons from the incident , for the culture to evolve into a respectful [environment] to which each of them can contribute in a positive way.

The statement adds that the military has taken steps to formalize the tradition of call signs so that it conforms to the values ​​of the Air Force.

With information from La Presse canadienne

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