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Attack in Arras: could the attack have been impeded

“Attack in Arras: could the attack have been prevented? Macron already has a plan for new measures”

The profile of the attacker from Arras, a man of Chechen origin recorded in S for radicalization, pushes the government to Be more vigilant about the surveillance of certain individuals at the request of Emmanuel Macron. The head of state holds a security meeting this Monday, October 16.

The essentials

  • A knife attack took place on Friday October 13 in a high school in the city of Paris. Gambetta-Carnot school in Arras. A professor was killed and three people, a PE teacher and two establishment agents, were arrested. injured by several stab wounds.
  • The same high school was evacuated this Monday morning after a fire alert the bomb. After the inspection of the establishment by the deminers, the doubts were resolved. raised. Students and teachers have returned to work. the high school around noon after two hours of evacuation.
  • A minute of silence must take place "in every class" of colleges and high schools in France this Monday, October 16 at 2 p.m. in tribute to Dominique Bernard, the murdered French teacher à Arras. Elisabeth Borne and Gabriel Attal will attend; the minute of silence at the Samuel Paty college, in Yvelines.
  • The Arras assailant, Mohammed Mogouchkov, is a former student of the high school 20 years old and of Chechen origin. File S for radicalization since the beginning of October, he was the subject of close surveillance by the General Directorate of Security. (DGSI). His family is known to the police for radicalization.
  • Ten people are still in custody. view, including the assailant, this Monday. Among them is a certain Maxime C., incarcerated for encouraging co-inmates to commit an attack, who was in contact with the assailant.
  • Emmanuel Macron asked à his Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, and the prefects to list all the profiles of foreign people listed as S for radicalization and likely to be expelled. es to get these individuals out of the territory "as quickly as possible". In the case of the assailant, the man could not be expelled. because entered in France before the age of 13.


14:12 – Elisabeth Borne: "Barbarism will never prevail against humanity. the Republic"

Present at the college where taught Samuel Paty, the Prime Minister spoke at the conference. a few minutes of the tribute paid to the professor and to Dominique Bernard, the murdered teacher last Friday. "Three years [after the assassination of Samuel Paty], the pain is still there, barbarity and obscurantism have been brought to bear. hit again (…) Barbarism will never prevail against humanity. the Republic », assured the Prime Minister.

14:10 – 1983 foreigners awaiting deportation

While the prefects have been called to To comb through the files of foreign people on S files and to ensure that all those who can are subject to an obligation to leave the territory, Gérald Darmanin has counted ; "193 illegal aliens awaiting expulsion" and currently present on the national territory.

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14:05 – 489 “dangerous” foreign people are present in France

Gérald Darmanin indicates that 489 foreign people considered "dangerous" are on French soil and that among them "around 300 [are] "deprived of their liberty" because they are detained in prison, admitted to a psychiatric hospital or assigned to prison. residence. The Minister of the Interior specifies that regarding people of Russian origin and considered dangerous, there are around "fifty" including around "forty" who is incarcerated.

2:00 p.m. – A minute of silence

A minute of silence is respected in all educational establishments of France in homage to; Dominique Bernard, the murdered professor à Arras three days ago.

1:54 p.m. – What avenues can be taken to secure educational establishments?

If the Vigipirate plan was high, safety measures in the long term must be taken around educational establishments. "There are plenty of avenues, solutions that are on the table […]. There is no taboo on the subject, the only taboo is not to move forward,” assured Gabriel Attal on TF1, Sunday evening. Among them, the installation of gates to secure entry into schools or even the installation of a video surveillance system or the hiring of security guards are to be implemented. l'étude.

13:37 – A speech by Gérald Darmanin at the outcome of the safety meeting

The safety meeting is in progress at the Elysée in the presence of Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne and several ministers (Interior, Justice, Defense, Foreign Affairs, Education, Higher Education ). The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, the Secretary General of Defense, the national coordinator of the fight against terrorism and the heads of security services. (DGSI, DGSE) are also present. At the end of the work meeting, Gérald Darmanin should speak and perhaps specify certain measures.

1:19 p.m. – Gabriel Attal promises more security to teachers

Gabriel Attal says he has heard the requests from professors who are calling for more security. physical or intellectual and he promised a firm response: "I will not relinquish my responsibilities, I will meet my responsibilities, we must all move forward together". Measures are expected and could become clearer during the safety meeting. in progress at l'Elysée.

1:10 p.m. – An "intelligent" and “methodical” gestures

The assailant and nine other people are still in custody. seen this Monday. The main defendant has not yet spoken out. on the attack according to a police source cited by BFMTV. This same source specifies the portrait of the young man whom it describes as "intelligent" and speaking several languages. She adds that the individual seems "seasoned" and had "precise and methodical gestures" to kill Professor Dominique Bernard.

12:33 – Macron asks for "specific monitoring" people listed as S for radicalization

The Ministry of the Interior orders all prefects to "re-examine in detail" all cases of individuals listed as S for radicalization "particularly when it concerns foreigners in an irregular situation" on request from the Elysée. The objective is to "ensure that all radicalized people who are eligible for expulsion have indeed been expelled. or speed up procedures" and avoid forgetting everything. The presidency demanded “specific monitoring” on people from the Caucasus, the region from which Dominique Bernard's attackers came from. Arras and Samuel Paty. An advisor to the Elysée raises "a report to violence which is particular”, “forms of radicalization which are very strong”; and"a very radical culture of practicing Islam" regularly observed in its individuals. Monitoring must include "mechanisms for screening or supporting these young people", "working on stopping radicalization".

Removing doubt about an alert the bomb is finished. The bomb squad has finished inspecting the establishment and the students and teachers are beginning to inspect the building. return to the Gambetta high school reports the Voix du Nord. The security perimeter still in place has been extended after the alert the bomb.

12:00 – "School is stronger than anything" assured Gabriel Attal

"The school stands tall. “School is stronger than anything” assured Gabriel Attal during his speech from the Charlemagne high school in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. He renewed his support and “empathy with the entire community” “of teachers and students”. The Minister of National Education also promised to strengthen security. of educational establishments reaffirming its firmness against attacks made school: "The Islamists don't like secularism, they want to submit us (…) We must defend our model".

11:49 – "School is no longer a sanctuary" but a "target"

"The school is no longer a sanctuary" but became a "target" according to professor of history-geography and member of the Council of Elders of Secularism, Iannis Roder, guest on France Inter.  The teacher emphasizes that today "there are people who want to kill us for what we are" and he emphasizes the evolution of terrorist attacks targeting, among others, teachers. "What strikes me between the Samuel Paty affair and the assassination of Dominique Bernard is the difference in nature: Samuel Paty was murdered. murdered because his assassin blamed him for having done something. Dominique Bernard's assassin did not blame him for anything, except for being what he was, he concluded.

11:34 – 250 people used this tool the psychological help unit

A medical-psychological help unit was established. set up on Friday at the Arras high school after the attack and the death of a teacher. In three days, "250 people" have been heard by the cell doctors. "We had different clinical pictures. We saw states of excessive stress, a lot of emotional distress, and then a lot of feeling of helplessness also on the part of the families. indicated Laure Rougegrez, doctor mobilized at the hospital. within the unit with France Bleu Nord. Two positions were taken up. installed in the high school, one for students and families, the other for teachers and staff members.

11:20 – A safety device reinforced near educational establishments

With the lifting of the Vigipirate plan to the “emergency attack” level, security measures have been increased. have been reinforced near educational establishments, notably with the presence of police and military patrols. Prevention and security agents members of the Ministry of National Education are also mobilized to secure access to schools, colleges and high schools, which can only be done on presentation of school cards or of correspondence books and after visual inspection of the bags. People from outside the establishments can only re-enter after verification of identity.

11:05 – The emergency alert the bomb confirmed, the intervention in progress at Arras

The prefect of Pas-de-Calais, Jacques Billant, confirmed the alert the bomb mentioned in a message received by the police this morning. The alert concerns the same Ganbetta high school which was attacked. aimed at by an attack three days ago. The police who were on site thanks to the security system were there. are currently working on a removal of doubt. All the bags are searched, while deminers inspect the establishment, reports the Voix du Nord.


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