Art provocation: New Zealand artist sells cucumber slice on ceiling for $6,800


    Art provocation: New Zealand artist sells cucumber slice on ceiling for $6,800.

    The opinions of visitors to the art gallery in Auckland, where the installation is presented, are divided. Some consider the work of the author to be idiotic, others call it brilliant.

    New Zealand artist Matthew Griffin put up an unusual art work for sale. He sells a slice of pickled cucumber pulled from a McDonald's cheeseburger and taped to the ceiling for A$10,000 [US$6,800]. The Guardian writes about this.

    The outrageous installation called Pickle is reportedly on display at an art gallery in Auckland, the island nation's largest city. Here they assure that the work is an intentional “provocative gesture” designed to reflect on what is really valuable.

    Public opinions about the unusual art work were divided. Some consider the installation idiotic, others call it ingenious and brilliant.

    One of the visitors took the work very personally. He said that he once did something similar at a McDonald's restaurant, but his idea was not appreciated then.

    “The police kicked me out of McDonald's for this when I was a teenager, and now it's art”, he commented.

    Some of the viewers agreed that the installation resembles the famous 2019 work Comic by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. It was a ripe banana taped to the gallery wall. The art work was sold at the Art Basel Biennale in Miami for $120,000.

    “Artists are not the ones who decide whether something is art or not, they are the ones who create and do. Is whether something is valuable and meaningful as a work of art depends on how we collectively as a society decide to use it or talk about it, “- in turn, emphasizes the director of the gallery Ryan Moore.

    The publication clarifies that the buyer of the Pickle artwork will be given clear instructions on how to recreate the artwork in their home or other space.


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