Artem Pivovarov and Alyona Alyona released a track based on verses by Panteleimon Kulish

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Artem Pivovarov and Alyona Alyona released a track based on the lyrics of Panteleimon Kulish

Project created by the singer to support Ukrainian culture, poets and writers through the prism of music.

As part of the cultural project Your Vershi, My Notes, singer Artem Pivovarov, together with rap singer Alyona Alyona, recorded a joint composition based on the verses of Panteleimon Kulish. The video was published on Youtube.

The song called Lyuli-Luli tells about people flying in their own thoughts and striving to fill their spiritual emptiness in every possible way.

“The work of “Lula-Lula” reflects the inner world of a person almost every Ukrainian is now in this state, regardless of location and the number of people around. At such moments, a defensive reaction turns on: you want to close your heart and get lost in memories. Sometimes you really need to retire, restore internal energy and strength to continue to fill the cells of memory with events that you want to return to,” Artem Pivovarov commented on the premiere of the composition.

In turn, Alyona Alyona noted that frequent disappointments in life make you close your heart and no one else don't trust. However, after a while, everyone seeks peace and inspiration in order to be open to new things again.

Earlier it was reported that Artem Pivovarov and Olya Polyakova presented a new composition based on a poem by Lesya Ukrainka.

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