Artificial intelligence: in the age of ChatGPT, alternatives are jostling

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Artificial intelligence: in the age of ChatGPT, the alternatives are jostling

Antler, an incubator that also raises funds with the co-founder of Facebook on board, has just shared its inventory of companies generating content using artificial intelligence. Unsurprisingly, we discover that the number of unicorns there is rather small, with OpenAI and Grammarly among the few to have emerged almost three years ago. The first is at the origin of the GPT-3 language model on which ChatGPT is based, very popular at the moment, while the second takes care of correcting spelling or conjugation errors in your e-mails. emails via a handy Chrome extension.

On the side of the “most active” in terms of artificial intelligence generative, we find Y Combinator, a well-known Silicon Valley accelerator that is notably behind the successes of Stripe, Reddit, Coinbase and Zapier. And for more substantial raises, in series B, it is rather towards Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg Beta or Accel and Andreessen Horowitz that the creators would turn.

Artificial intelligence: at the time of ChatGPT, the alternatives are jostling

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Turnkey text writing in the spotlight

Antler also wanted to recognize companies that specialize in creating bespoke paragraphs for professionals. It includes the excellent Copysmith, which is also based on GPT-3 data. With its tool, trusted by Google or, it is possible to write technical sheetsof products in a few seconds before then offering them on its online store. To access it, prices start at just $19 per month.

We can also mention Copymatic, which focuses on copywriting with data available in English, but also in Spanish or French. . With its content, advertisers can pre-mind the wording of their social media ads. Copymatic also invites influencers to generate YouTube video descriptions, with a price that varies according to the quantity of words delivered each month.

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Finally, Antler also mentions the case of artificial intelligence specialized in video. We find in particular Basch, who, in a few clicks, generates a short production completely free and in 720p based on text copied on demand. Finally, let's also mention Lumen5, which, with a relatively similar value proposition, has already won over clients such as Cisco, KPMG and Siemens.

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