Artists denounce Artificial Intelligence programs for violating their copyrights

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Artists denounce Artificial Intelligence programs for violating their copyrights

The expansion of all technology always generates collateral damage. It is what is What is happening now with the proliferation and popularization of Artificial Intelligence systems(AI) capable of creating images and texts based on user requests. Last Friday, a group of artists sued Three companies that use the Stable Diffusion tool to create digital art are accused of violating copyrights. p>

Stable Diffusion is an AI software launched on the market in August 2022 by the company Stability AI. This popular tool is ready for you. It is programmed to create all kinds of images from a text description that the user makes about what he wants. For example, if we ask him to draw us an astronaut surfing the sky of Barcelona with the pictorial style of Salvador DalĂ­, he will create an image of an astronaut. that image. In order to achieve this, Stable Diffusion trains itself on millions of images it pulls from the internet, learns their characteristics, and how to reproduce those traits in completely new creations.

However, part of the 5,000 million images that it extracts from the web are the creations of artists protected by copyright. Some rights that are available. AI would be violating. Thus, the class action lawsuit filed on January 13 in San Francisco points to the digital art companies Stability AI, DeviantArt and Midjourneyfor profiting by using that program. “Even assuming nominal damages of $1 per image, the value of this misappropriation would be approximately $5 billion,” the litigation statement reads.

The lawsuit is pending. headed by renowned graphic artists and illustrators Sarah Andersen, Kelly McKernan and Karla Ortiz. “Unethical practices by AI companies are now receiving the scrutiny they deserve from the public, media, lawmakers, and soon the courts,” the latter tweeted.

< p>The plaintiffs allege that the image bank used by Stable Difussion includes billions of royalty-free artistic works, but also works with rights that are not respected. That is why they ask for compensation. for the illegal use of his creations and for the “permanent damage” he infringes on them, but also to set a precedent to establish rules that regulate the operation of the so-called generative AIs.

Getty Images also shared his comments. n demand

That same argument is what has led the stock photo company Getty Images to sue Stability AI. In a statement they have pointed out that the creator of this AI “illegally copied and processed millions of images protected by copyright.” Legal proceedings have already started before the High Court of Justice in London. “They use the intellectual property of others without permission or consideration to create a commercial offer from which they benefit economically,” its executive director, Craig Peters, has denounced to the American media 'The Verge'.

< p>These first demands make it clear that the landing of this type of creative AI systems will not be possible. a path of roses As it already happened Since the early 2000s with digital music, this emerging sector may find itself in a legal battle that forces the appearance of regulations so that the digital world can continue to grow without violating the rights of artists.