Artists sue Stable Diffusion for copyright infringement with art created by Artificial Intelligence

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Artists sue Stable Difussion for copyright infringement with art created by Artificial Intelligence

A group of artists has sued three companies dedicated to digital art, such as Stability AI, DeviantArt and Midjourney, which use the Stable Difussion tool, accusing them of infringing copyrights in the development of works of art created by artificial intelligence (AI).

Stability AI is responsible for the development of open source music and image generation systems with artificial intelligence, among which achievements are Stable Difussion, which is used to generate high-quality digital images from text description.

MidJourney,For its part, it is an AI program that also generates artistic images from a text, just as Dall-E and IMAGEN work. For its part, DeviantArt presents itself as a platform for the exhibition and exhibition of works of art.

A group of artists from California (United States) has filed a class action claiming It is clear that these three brands have committed copyright infringement in their artistic creations, as reported by CBR.

The plaintiffs recall that these three brands use Stable Diffusion , a text-to-image machine learning model developed by Stability AI and which is based on the LAION5-B image bank. –belonging to LAION–, home to billions of royalty-free works of art.

In this sense, the plaintiffs allege that this database also includes creations with copyright, so that these images would be being used without their consent. In addition, these artists point to infringements of their publicity rights, counterfeiting, and violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

With this lawsuit, the artists are not only seeking compensation for the indiscriminate use of their works, but also to establish a rule that regulates this type of image banks to This will prevent future problems while creating a system that limits the free use of these artistic resources.

“Unethical practices by AI companies now receive the scrutiny they deserve from the public.” public, the media, legislators and, soon, the courts,” one of the signatories to this class action lawsuit, Karla Ortiz, commented on Twitter. Also featured in this complaint are illustrators Sarah Andersen and Kelly McKernan.