'As far as we can tell, Putin is too healthy' – CIA Director


&laquo ;As far as we can tell, Putin is too healthy, — director of the CIA

According to William Burns, American intelligence has no evidence of the Russian president's mental or physical exhaustion, but he does not adequately assess Ukraine and its allies .

The US Central Intelligence Agency has no evidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin is mentally or physically debilitated, CIA Director William Burns told the Aspen Security Forum, NBC News reports.

“There are a lot of rumors about President Putin's health,” Burns said. “As far as we can tell, he's too healthy.” . At the same time, Putin believes that he will be able to break the will of the US-led alliance, but he is wrong.

“He thought he could establish his dominance over Ukraine very quickly,” Burns said. “It's hard not to see this as a strategic setback for Putin and Russia at this juncture.”

The CIA director noted that after the catastrophic start of the invasion for the Russian Armed Forces, based on a number of erroneous assumptions, Russia resorted to its traditional method of warfare. Russian troops are inflicting massive artillery and air strikes on cities, without taking into account civilian casualties.

Thanks to such tactics, Russia has managed to achieve some success, its troops were able to advance 10-15 km in the Donbass. However, this came at a high cost to the Russian army, which suffered heavy losses: the US estimates that 15,000 soldiers were killed and three times as many were wounded. At the same time, Burns said that Ukrainian losses were almost as high.

According to the head of the CIA, Putin made a mistake, believing that he could destroy the NATO alliance. Instead, the alliance added new members, Finland and Sweden, and deployed more troops near the Russian borders.

As reported, the American psychiatrist James Fallon, after several years of observing Vladimir Putin, came to the conclusion that the Russian president suffers from psychopathy , he also has a narcissistic disorder and features of a sadist. The psychiatrist believes that this is an extremely dangerous combination, so he does not exclude that Putin is able to use nuclear weapons.


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