Ash vs Evil Dead: Bruce Campbell explains why the series was canceled


After just three seasons, Sam Raimi's series Ash vs Evil Dead has been canceled and Bruce Campbell explains why.

Although the disaster of Resident Evil (Netflix's worst adaptation) might suggest that adapting a horror work into a series is very risky, Sam Raimi proved with Ash vs Evil Deadthat producing a quality series derived from a pre-existing universe is entirely possible and that the result can also meet the expectations of fans.

Sequel to Evil Dead 3 – Army of Darknessand leaving aside the reboot directed by Fede Alvarez in 2013, the series featured the return of Bruce Campbell as Ash, the main character of the trilogy. Unfortunately, after three perfect seasons broadcast on the American channel Starz, the brilliantly gory Ash vs Evil Dead has been canceled, to the great despair of the faithful admirers of Sam Raimi and his cult saga Evil Dead.

If we suspected that the series had been canceled because of an obvious lack of audience, Bruce Campbell, interviewed at Comic-Con in San Diego, insisted on explaining to the public that yes, the spectators were not there, but that the real problem was with Starz and its lack of visibility:

“We knew the ratings were bad after the end of the second season. We were well aware. But no one knew about Starz. When I told people that we were going to make a series and that it would be broadcast on Starz, they always told me that they did not know the channel. When the series aired on Netflix, viewers said, “Hey cool, Netflix is ​​finally doing a The Evil Dead series” and I was like, “Oh my God, you're three years late.”

It's all business. You know, these companies were all expanding and it was AMC that led the way by deciding to produce their own programs rather than just airing other people's. So everyone followed and decided to produce original works. At the time, Starz only showed other people's films. Thus, a new paradigm was born and even if it cost them money, the channels had their own programs. Starz was trying to do the same, but no one knew about them. »

It is true that, broadcast on a platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime, the series might have been more successful, but unfortunately, Starz failed to bring in enough viewers. Moreover, in 2015, Starz programs were not yet available in France, and it was not until 2019 that the Starzplay service was available on the Apple TV application. Too avant-garde or not unifying enough, Ash vs Evil Dead still won a privileged place in the hearts of horror film aficionados and that, that doesn't 'is priceless (apart from that of a cancellation).

If he has declared for years that he no longer wants to hand over his hand in a chainsaw, Bruce Campbell teased a new series with Ash. Something to cheer up bruised fans before the unveiling of the first trailer for Evil Dead: Rise, a new reboot, which should be released this year on HBO Max.


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