Ashley Judd reveals how she met with her rapist for a 'reconciliatory' conversation


    Ashley Judd reveals how she met her rapist for a 'reconciliatory' conversation

    Ashley Judd

    Ashley Judd, who survived three rape, said that she met with one of her rapists. The actress spoke about this in the podcast “Healing with David Kessler”.

    Judd said that several years after the rape in 1999, she “tried to find” her attacker, explaining that he “surfaced very easily” , which allowed her to arrange a meeting with him.

    Long story short, we ended up in rocking chairs, sitting together by a stream. And I said, “I'm very interested to hear the story you've been carrying all these years.” And we had a restorative justice conversation about this (restorative justice is one of the ways to respond to a crime by organizing a meeting between the victim and the offender. The goal is for them to share their feelings about what happened, discuss, who and how suffered from the crime, and also came to a consensus on what the offender can do to make amends for the crime. — Note ed.),

    — Ashley said.

    I wanted to share this story because there are many ways to heal grief. I didn’t need anything from him, and it was just great that he made amends and expressed deep remorse, because healing from grief — it's an inside job,

    — the actress added, noting that she “had the opportunity to do her healing work with her trauma and her grief.”

    Judd also said the rape experience made her “lose her sense of trust”.

    Ashley Judd told how she met with her rapist for a

    Ashley Judd in 1999

    At the 2019 World Women's Summit, Judd revealed that one of the rapes resulted in her pregnancy, which forced her to have an abortion.

    I'm so grateful that was able to access a safe and legal abortion because this Kentucky rapist, like me, is legally a parent in Kentucky. I would have to share parental rights with the rapist,

    — Judd said at the time.

    The actress was also one of the first to speak out against Harvey Weinstein in October 2017, saying he tried to get her to watch him shower.


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