“Asked whether I would be his wife”: a pair of reality “Tata Called for” preparing for the wedding (photo)

«Спросил, стану ли его женой»: пара из реалити «Наречена для тата» готовится к свадьбе (фото)

On STB TV channel came the second season of the romantic reality “Called for nanny,” in which single fathers looking for love. Of the five couples-participants have continued to build relationships Gregory Lipovetsky and Vita Goncharenko. The girl was able to find a common language not only with a lonely father who lives in Israel, but also with his two daughters.

— Can honestly admit that love at first sight I have to Grisha was not, — said “FACTS” Vick. — Honestly, I’m wary of men do not rush to a whirlpool with a head. Try to control your feelings, emotions, because I know that can be painful. Perhaps if I’ve been betrayed so often, things would have been different.

«Спросил, стану ли его женой»: пара из реалити «Наречена для тата» готовится к свадьбе (фото)

Throughout the year, Vika and Grisha were constantly in touch, visited each other. And recently, Gregory decided on a serious step — took a sweetheart offer.

— It all happened live in Instagram! — said Vita. — Grisha at the same time was online with our followers. I asked him questions that we had. We must admit, they were quite treacherous. As it turned out, on the eve of this live Gregory agreed with my sister. And in that moment, when he spoke his speech, I came into the room of Alina with flowers and ring. Gregory asked if I would go marry him. I, of course, agreed. But I had a shock. Only now beginning to rebound, are in a pleasant euphoria. It was the best day of my life.

The girl admits he did not expect to hear from Gregory’s offer. The man notes that doubt he had. He is confident that now is the time to do the next step in their relationship.

— The excitement is almost not felt. Felt it was time to develop our relationship further and made the Vita offer. Honestly, I was ready to hear any answer, — says Gregory. – And very glad that she agreed to be my wife. Now I will wait for Vita moved in with the girls. However, understand that it’s not so easy to do. We will need some time and patience. In Israel, by the way, the key word is just “patience” (savlanut). I have it exactly is.

«Спросил, стану ли его женой»: пара из реалити «Наречена для тата» готовится к свадьбе (фото)

The couple plans to get married next summer, and then to continue family life in Israel.

Recall that in the first season of “Tata Called for” love found Yuri Hairpin and Tatiana Syrytsa. After the project, she moved from Cherkasy in Maidanivka village, the couple got married, and in the spring of this year Tania gave birth to first child, which the couple named Arthur. Now young parents bringing up two sons, Yuri (child from first marriage of Yuri) and Artur.

six months after the end of the project admitted that they love each other and happy.

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