Aspire Vero Laptop PC: the new eco-responsible computer from Acer

Innovative and ecological, the new laptop from the Acer brand is partly made of recycled plastic. This ultrabook model offers solid performance thanks to an Intel processor and graphics card.

Aspire Vero laptop: the new eco-responsible computer from Acer

Choosing an ecological computer

For those who wish to acquire an environmentally friendly computer, Acer has recently developed a new line of laptops: durable models. The Aspire Vero NU-AV15-51-51EG I5 PC is one of the pioneers and it stands out for its elegant and recyclable design. The entire design of this computer has been thought for the protection of the environment. The packaging is 100% recyclable, its slab is 99% recyclable and the frame is made of 30% PCR. The packaging is reusableand can for example be used as a support to put down your PC. Then, the brand chose not to put any paint on the coating of the computer and the result is pleasant, it gives a raw side to the product.

Aspire Vero Laptop: the new eco-responsible computer from Acer

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Good value for money

Beyond being environmentally friendly, the Aspire Vero PC offers solid performance. Indeed, it is equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor, one of the best versions for an office computer. It is an ideal model for a student, it is also powerful enough to play and perform non-professional photo/video processing. Indeed, it is equipped with Turboboost technologywhich boosts CPU speed when needed, so it'll be level when you ask it. It has 512 GB SSD storage, which is enough for mainly office activity. Visually, it's a computer that keeps its promises with a 15.6-inch LCD screen and full HD resolution. It is an appreciable format for working several hours in a row or enjoying a film or a series. Acer has integrated the matte screen featureto reduce eye fatigue, everything has been thought out for your comfort and that of the planet. The graphics card is essential for a computer, which is why the Aspire Vero has an Inter Iris Xe graphics card, a model dedicated to ultraportables that have light multimedia configurations. It is not a PC Gamer but it will still be possible to play video games in Full HD. In terms of battery life, it ranks average with a battery that lasts 10 hours at full power. For the format, its ultra lightness, 1.8kg, is a real advantage, it can be carried anywhere. Finally, to keep this model as long as possible, it is possible to configure your fingerprints for maximum security.

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