Astrologers have determined three zodiac signs that should be on guard in December. Are you in this group

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What can happen to the zodiac signs listed below?

Astrologers have identified three zodiac signs to watch out for in December. Are you in this group

Astrologers listed the zodiac signs that may have difficulties in December. Who are they and what can they expect?


In addition to the fact that quite a lot of routine work awaits them, there will also be health problems. For example, the body will give some kind of alarm signals that cannot be left unattended.

“Retromars slows down and does not allow for hesitation, internal anxiety. The transition of Mercury and Venus into Capricorn indicates a shift in Cancer's focus to partners and public activities.

However, from December 21, Jupiter returns to Aries, offering Cancer professional development.


The astrologer advises not to plan any trips for December and early January, as there may be problems on the road. Those who are far from home now will feel homesick and lonely.

However, not everything will be so bad, because with the transition of Jupiter into Aries (December 21), many single Libra will have a chance to meet their soul mate or decide on their marital status.


Pisces will have difficulties in terms of professional opportunities and professional suitability. There may be new projects that will take a long time to figure out, or some kind of testing of Pisces knowledge. Perhaps they will compete with someone for a job. Generally speaking, there will be enough reasons to be stressed.

But there will also be good times. For example, at the end of the month, they will be able to spend time with their friends.

Remember, however, that these are only predictions, so with a positive attitude towards life and the environment, everything will be fine!

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