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At 41, Windows Notepad will experience a major evolution

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While the features have piled up on Microsoft Word, the Notepad or Notepad app has barely changed. This is normal, since this app was designed to be a simple and basic word processing software, unlike Word. But while Notepad is now more than 41 years old, Microsoft has decided to add a new feature that could make the application more interesting for the general public.

Indeed, for the first time, Notepad has a proofreader. As reported by our colleagues at The Verge, Microsoft began testing this corrector for Notepad a few months ago. And now, the firm would begin to deploy this update to Windows 11 users. The operation of this corrector is quite close to the operation on Microsoft Word.

And in a publication dating from March, Microsoft explained that the corrector is activated by default for certain file formats, but deactivated for other formats which are associated with computer coding. In this publication, the Redmond firm also indicated that the Notepad proofreader supports several languages. In any case, this is an important development for this software which, although it has always been present on Windows, is often neglected because it is too simple. Thanks to the proofreader, some people might actually be tempted to use Notepad instead of Word.

At 41, Windows Notepad will experience a major evolution

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Artificial intelligence is also coming to Notepad

While Microsoft has already confirmed the closure of its Wordpad application (another word processing software), Notepad still has a bright future ahead of it. Proof of this is that, in addition to having added a proofreader to this application, Microsoft is also preparing an update that will allow Notepad to take advantage of its recent advances in generative artificial intelligence.

In February, Microsoft began testing (among “Insiders) an integration of its Copilot AI with Notepad. “In this Notepad update, We add a new feature that helps you quickly understand the contents of your text files. With “Explain with Copilot,” you can ask Copilot in Windows to help you explain log files, code segments, or any selected content directly from Notepad,”< /em> indicated Microsoft. This new feature will be very practical, since the application is often used to open files that contain computer code.

  • The Windows Notepad or Notepad application has been around for 4 decades, but it is rare for Microsoft to make changes to this app intended to be ultra-simple software for word processing
  • However, today, Windows 11 Notepad finally has a proofreader, which could encourage some people to use this app instead of World
  • And Microsoft is also testing an integration of its Copilot AI on this 41-year-old app

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