At an inopportune moment, lightning began to bite, then go straight to the kitchen


    July 22, 2022, 13:05 | Science and technology

    How to lubricate a lock on clothes.

    At an inopportune moment, lightning began to strike, then go straight to the kitchen

    The zipper is a universal fastener that can be found not only on clothes, but also, of course, on shoes, informs Ukr.Media.

    However, sometimes this device absolutely refuses to work properly.

    If the zipper has started to jam, first of all examine it carefully.

    Very often the cause of the malfunction is a piece of fabric that is stuck , or even a simple thread.

    In the same case, if the visual inspection did not lead to anything – feel free to step into the kitchen, holding in your hands a product with a cap that capricious .

    Open the kitchen here in the cabinet and take out a sheet of parchment paper, which is usually used when cooking various dishes in the oven.

    Fold the baking paper several times and carefully rub the zipper along the entire length.

    This treatment will result in the lock being covered with the thinnest layer of wax, thanks to which the slider moves like butter.


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