At least 12 dead in another violent day of protests in Iran

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At least 12 dead in another violent day of protests in Iran

More than 360 dead , 16,000 detained and tens of thousands injured later, Iran this Friday accused everyone its external enemiesHe was behind the protests that have shaken the Persian country since September. An accusation that came after one of the most violent nights since the protest began. the wave of protest against the regime after the death of the young Mahsa Amini at the hands of the morality police. At least 12 people died in different cities of the country, where he returned. to resound with force the cry of “woman, life and freedom”. In the southern city of Ize the fire caught fire. A religious seminary was set on fire and gunmen on motorcycles fired at passers-by and police, according to the official Iranian news agency.

The official version assures that there were several attacks against the security forces. Both in Ize and Isfahan, in the center of the country, where gunmen on motorcycles reportedly killed two basiji (Islamic militant) and wounded eight others. A series of attacks that the authorities attributed to “terrorist groups” , while targeting enemies outside their borders for stirring up the streets, an accusation that has been repeated for some time, but which is it? rising in tone “The security services, the illegitimate regime of Israel and some Western politicians, who have plans for civil war, destruction and the disintegration of Iran, should know that Iran is not Libya nor Sudan. Today, our enemies attack the integrity of Iran and its identity. But the wisdom of our people has disappointed them,” the Iranian Foreign Minister said on Thursday, Hussein Amirabdolahian.

Despite the enormous police repression (with direct fire against demonstrators) and judicial ( with death sentences), the protests and social discontent are still intact two months after they began.

“The death sentences of protesters, after they authorities have rounded up tens of thousands of peaceful protesters and killed hundreds by the indiscriminate use of force, are a clear attempt to terrorize Iranians into silence,” Hadi Ghaemi, director of the organization, said this week. Iran Human Rights, based in Norway “If these trials continue, we will start to see summary executions of dozens and probably hundreds of people. This is something that the Islamic Republiche is perfectly capable of doing.”

Repression and sentencing

To date, some twenty people have appeared before a court accused of crimes that They carry the capital penalty in Iran. Five of them have already been convicted. Their death sentences have yet to be confirmed by a higher court.

“The international community has to be clear with the Iranian authorities: the death sentences have to result in an extraordinary intensification of the economic and political isolation of the Islamic Republic ;mica,” Ghaemi continued.

Due to brutal government repression —by a paramilitary body, the Basijs, made up of ex-convicts converted to the cause&mdash ;, the protests are increasingly violent. The authorities, in addition to tear gas, use weapons and live ammunition directly against the demonstrators, some of whom are armed with knives and Molotov cocktails, They were thrown against government buildings. 

Of the 12 dead in the last day, one was a police colonel, who was stabbed in the province from Sanandaj, the heart of the protests. Mahsa Amini, the young woman for whose death the war began. everything, she was originally from that region.