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At least 27 dead due to rains in Central America

Photo: Handout via Agence France-Presse The rains mainly hit El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

France Media Agency in San Salvador, Salvador

Published on June 21

  • Americas

The rains that have been hitting Central America for a week, causing landslides and damaging infrastructure and crops, have left at least 27 dead, mainly in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, we learned from official sources on Friday.

“Unfortunately, the death toll now stands at 19,” El Salvador Civil Protection Director General Luis Amaya said in an interview television.

The death toll in El Salvador rose from 13 to 19 deaths between Thursday and Friday, including the deaths of two young girls whose house was buried by a landslide in Soyapango, 9 km east of San Salvador, the capital of Salvador.

Mr. Amaya called on the population to leave the “very high risk” areas, stressing that in several regions of El Salvador, preventive evacuations have been carried out on hillside homes.

In Guatemala, the authorities reported seven deaths and extensive damage to roads and bridges.

In Honduras, one death was recorded among some 3,500 victims. Several isolated villages are cut off from all communication due to flooded rivers in the south of the country, near the border with El Salvador, noted an AFP journalist.

In Nicaragua, no deaths have yet been recorded but the authorities have deplored flooded houses and damaged roads by flooded rivers.

According to Salvadoran Environment Minister Fernando Lopez, the bad weather will continue until Saturday, the result of a low pressure phenomenon over the Pacific Ocean and the indirect influence of Tropical Storm Alberto, downgraded to a tropical depression on Thursday, which killed four people when it made landfall in Mexico.

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