At least 6 Palestinians killed and 20 wounded in clashes with the Israeli Army

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  • Israeli forces have used live ammunition in a military operation in the West Bank and a young man has been killed in a raid near Ramallah

At least 6 Palestinians killed and 20 wounded in clashes with the Israeli army

Nablus is the scene of the deadliest night this year in the occupied Palestinian territories. Six Palestinian civilians have been killedand at least twenty have been injured in the early hours of this Tuesday as a result of the use of live bullets by the Israeli Army in operations in the West Bank. To the north, Nablus has recorded five fatalities and, in Ramallah, a Palestinian has been killed in a raid. Four injured remain in serious condition in Palestinian hospitals. In this “apartheid state”, the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has called for the immediate intervention of the international community. 

“It must intervene immediately to stop the aggression and put an end to this occupation. n before things become much more dangerous than Israel and the United States imagine”, Abbas said through a spokesman, after criticizing the “double standard< /strong>of the US administration”. The Israeli Army adds another military incursion to its long list of aggressions in the occupied Palestinian territories. After blocking access to the city for more than a week, Israeli soldiers have raided several neighborhoods in the old town of Nablus at dawn after being bombed.

< p>In the alleys of centuries-old stones, shots and explosions have been heard. More Israeli troops have come as military reinforcements, backed by drones from the air, according to the Palestinian news agency Wafa. The military would have deliberately opened fireagainst members of the Palestinian security forces, while they would have prevented the passage of the emergency teams to transport the wounded. Despite the fatalities on the rival side, the Israeli authorities have declared their raid a success, as they have destroyed a building used as a fa ;Bomb factory for the new Palestinian militia, the Lions' Den. 

Lions's Den

The Lions' Den has been running for weeks dozens of attacks against Israeli settlers and soldiers, which ended the life of a military woman at a checkpoint. Concerned about their growing aggressiveness, the Israeli services have carried out targeted assassinations against their leaders who operate primarily from the occupied West Bank. The six fatalities were no more than 35 years old and, according to the Israeli Army, some of them were militiamen from this or other groups.

For its part, Ramallah has called for an end to the attacks against civilians and the violence by Israeli soldiers against the Palestinian population. “The Council of Ministers has asked the United Nations and international human rights organizations to intervene urgently to stop the aggression in which the occupation forces use anti-armor missiles and drones to attack civilians in their homes & rdquor ;, the Cabinet has indicated in a statement collected by Wafa. The spokesman for the presidency, Nabil Abu Rudeina, has described the attack on Nablus as a “war crime” and has blamed the Israeli government. “Of the repercussions of this aggression.” so far this year. In just ten months, the lethality of the Israeli Army has exceeded that of the previous seven years. In addition, 51 people died in the three-day escalation against Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip in August. Also this Tuesday, Amnesty International has requested an investigation by the International Criminal Court (ICC) into possible “war crimes” committed in August by both Israeli forces and Palestinian militants during the deadly fighting in Gaza.

“Israel will never let go. to act for their safety and we will do whatever is necessary”, the Israeli Prime Minister, Yair Lapid, assured on the Kan radio public station. “The goal is to reduce terrorism and ensure that it does not affect Israeli citizens”, he said after warning Palestinian militants that “they need to know that we will reach them wherever they are” ;.