At least 90 injured in the second day of clashes between Palestinians and police in Jerusalem

At least 90 injured in the second day of clashes between Palestinians and police in Jerusalem

At least 90 injured in the second day of clashes between Palestinians and police in Jerusalem

A woman injured in the clashes between Palestinians and Israel Police on Friday

After Friday’s day that left more than 200 Palestinians and about 20 policemen injured in clashes in Jerusalem, on Saturday night there were new altercations that have injured at least 90 Palestinians. The riots have focused on the Damascus Gate area, where the Israeli police have launched tear gas and shot rubber bullets, leaving at least 90 Palestinians injured, of which 20 were transferred to hospitals, as the newspaper ‘The Jerusalem Post’ has collected.

During the afternoon of this Saturday, several buses that transported Palestinians to the Esplanade of the Mosques – a place known as the Temple Mount by Jews – have blocked a road after being intercepted by the Police at a checkpoint in the vicinity of Jerusalem, ahead of the protests scheduled for the next few hours. Subsequently, several people have been arrested in the framework of new clashes in Jerusalem after night prayers. About 90,000 Palestinians have come to the Esplanade of the Mosques to participate in the prayers.

Also, around 01:30 local time, a rocket was launched from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel and the Israeli Army has indicated that it attacked a Hamas military post in retaliation, according to ‘The Times of Israel’. On the other hand, at least three Palestinians have been wounded by gunshot wounds by shots fired by Israeli forces in the framework of protests near the border in the Gaza Strip, from where several incendiary balloons have been launched.

Clashes on Friday broke out after Israeli Police stormed the Esplanade of the Mosques, where the Al Aqsa Mosque is located, after hundreds of Palestinians refused to leave after nightly prayers in protest of the eviction plans for Palestinian families in the Sheikh Kharra neighborhood of East Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated this Saturday that the authorities “act responsibly to guarantee law and order in Jerusalem.” The neighborhood of Sheikh Kharrá and other areas of East Jerusalem have been the scene of this upsurge in tensions in recent days after an Israeli court has determined that about 50 Palestinian residents have to abandon their homes in the neighborhood, arguing that they They belonged to Jews before 1948.

Israel declares high alert

The Israeli police begin this Sunday in a situation of maximum alert in the face of the possibility of a repeat of the violent incidents of last night in Jerusalem and a few hours from the start tonight of the Israeli holiday that commemorates the 54th anniversary of the unification of the city.

Monday’s main event, the call ‘Flag March ‘, generally draws tens of thousands of people to the Old City of Jerusalem, including a large contingent of Jewish religious nationalists. Before, however, concentrations of crowds are expected in various parts of the city.

On Saturday, Defense Minister Benny Gantz conducted an assessment of the security situation with senior officials from the Army, Police and Shin Bet security service, to specify a reinforcement of the number of troops as part of preparations for a possible climbing. “Extremists on both sides cannot be allowed to escalate the situation,” Gantz has indicated in a statement collected by the ‘Times of Israel’. “Israel will continue to act to preserve freedom of worship on the Temple Mount and, at the same time, will not allow terror to destroy public order.”

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