At odds with Washington and NATO, Zelensky maintains the missile was Russian | War in Ukraine

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Disagreeing with Washington and NATO, Zelensky maintains missile was Russian | War in Ukraine

Experts search the crater left by a missile explosion at a farm in Przewodow, Poland.

kyiv reaffirmed on Wednesday that the missile that killed two people the day before in a Polish village near the border with Ukraine was “Russian”, contradicting NATO and Washington which rather accredit the thesis of the thesis. a Ukrainian defense missile.

I have no doubt that this missile was not ours, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on television on Wednesday evening .

I believe it was a Russian missile, in accordance with the report of the Ukrainian military, he added while NATO officials estimated previously that it was probably a missile of the Ukrainian air defense system.

He also claimed not to have received any evidence from the West of the hypothesis of a Ukrainian projectile fired to shoot down Russian cruise missiles, launched against Ukrainian territory during a massive attack.

Do we have the right to receive evidence from our partners behind closed doors? We haven't received anything, Zelensky said, while stressing that Kyiv wanted to be part of an international investigation group on this incident.

Budapest said on Wednesday that President Zelensky was setting a bad example. In such a situation, world leaders speak responsibly, Gergely Gulyas, Prime Minister Viktor Orban's chief of staff, told reporters.

A battery of Russian-designed S-300 anti-aircraft missiles during a demonstration firing in 2016.

The The fall of the missile on the Polish village has raised fears that NATO will be drawn into the conflict and a major escalation in the war in Ukraine, as Poland is protected by an Atlantic Alliance collective defense commitment.

Russia has denied firing the missile, with Warsaw itself deeming it highly likely to be a Ukrainian anti-aircraft projectile, citing an unfortunate accident.

The missile killed two men in Przewodow by hitting an agricultural building, leaving Poland in shock and its army on heightened alert.

The White House has seen nothing that contradicts the hypothesis, put forward by Warsaw, that the missile that fell in Poland in all likelihood came from Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense, a spokeswoman for the Security Council said on Wednesday. national security, Adrienne Watson.

That being said, regardless of the final conclusions, it is clear that Russia is ultimately responsible for this tragic incident because of its strikes against Ukrainian civilian infrastructure, it said in a statement, adding Ukraine had, and has, the right to defend itself.

The incident was likely caused by a Ukrainian air defense system missile fired to defend Ukrainian territory against Russian cruise missiles, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said earlier after a meeting of crisis in Brussels.

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There is no evidence that this was an intentional attack on Poland, Polish President Andrzej Duda also claimed.

Ukraine demanded immediate access to the landing point of the missile in Poland.

But, from Bali (Indonesia) where the G20 was meeting at the summit, US President Joe Biden also deemed it unlikely that the missile was fired by Russia.

Moscow praised Washington's restraint.

Poland had urgently convened its National Security Council on Tuesday and summoned the Russian ambassador for immediate detailed explanations.

For its part, the Russian Foreign Ministry has indicated on Wednesday evening that he had informed the Polish ambassador in Moscow, Krzysztof Krajewski, of the unacceptability of the reinforcement in Poland of an anti-Russian hysteria after the incident.

As it was dark and there was at that time no reliable information about what had just happened, Warsaw found it necessary to summon the Russian ambassador and turning this into a political spectacle, denounced Russian diplomacy, while calling on Poland not to take part in dirty provocations.

Mao Ning, spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, previously called on all parties concerned to remain calm and exercise restraint in order to avoid an escalation.

Polish police officers investigate the site of the missile explosion, in Przewodow, Poland.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 and still controls parts of it, despite a series of battlefield defeats in recent months.

Poland, which has a 530 km border with Ukraine, is a regional leader in providing military and humanitarian assistance to its eastern neighbor. It hosts some 10,000 American servicemen on its territory.

The missile fell as Russia carried out massive strikes on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure on Tuesday, which left millions of homes without electricity. Russian missiles hit cities across the country, including Lviv (west), near the Polish border.

US Chief of Staff General Mark Milley on Wednesday ruled the Russian missile strikes a war crime. United believed that Russia had failed on all fronts in its war against Ukraine, and was therefore waging a campaign of terror there. These strikes, which killed at least one person in kyiv, led to widespread power cuts in Ukraine and as far as neighboring Moldova.

Moscow on Wednesday denied targeting the capital, saying all the destruction in the Ukrainian capital's living quarters […] is a direct result of the downing and self-destruction of anti-aircraft missiles launched by Ukrainian forces.

The coming week will be difficult for the inhabitants of the Kyiv region, regional governor Oleksiï Kouleba warned, because the destruction is important and there is a strong feeling. expects temperatures to drop to -10°C.

These Russian attacks took place four days after the humiliating withdrawal of Russian forces from part of the Kherson region, including the southern city of the same name, after more than eight months of occupation.

General However, Mark Milley said on Wednesday it was unlikely, at least in the short term, that Ukraine could militarily dislodge Russia from all the territories it occupied. upe in the country, including Crimea.

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