At the funeral of Tire Nichols, emotion and anger against police violence

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At the funeral of Tyre Nichols, emotion and anger against police violence

Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris speaks at the funeral of Tire Nichols at Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church.

“A beautiful soul” whose life was taken too soon by “a violent act” of the police: at the funeral of Tyre Nichols, a young African-American whose fatal beating by black police officers shocked the United States, the speakers, including Vice President Kamala Harris, protested against police violence.

After having hugged the mother of Tire Nichols for a long time in the church of Memphis where this tribute was organized, the vice-president of the United States Kamala Harris had harsh words for the officers who beat him up, as he cried out he had done nothing and called for help.

Didn't he have the right to be safe? launched the vice-president. Here is a family who lost their son and brother after an act of violence perpetrated by those responsible for protecting them, and this violent act was not intended to ensure public safety, she hammered in front of the crowd.

Reverend Al Sharpton delivered the eulogy for Tire Nichols at the Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church in Memphis.

Rev. Al Sharpton, a civil rights figure who gave the funeral oration at Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church, said he was particularly affected by the fact that the five police officers are black themselves.

“In the town where [Martin Luther] King lost his life, you beat a brother to death. There is nothing more insulting, to us who fought to open the doors, that you would come in through those doors and act like the people we had to fight so that you could go through those doors.

—The Reverend Al Sharpton

Tire Nichols, 29, was arrested on January 7 by special unit officers in Memphis, in the southern United States, for a traffic violation, according to police. But beaten relentlessly, so much so that he was unrecognizable according to his family, he died three days later in hospital. The five police officers involved were dismissed and charged with murder.

The unbearable images of the arrest were broadcast, without cuts, by the largest channels in the country, raising fears a social conflagration to the authorities.

During Wednesday's service, pictures taken by Tyre Nichols, who had a site devoted to photography, and videos of him skateboarding, another of his passions, were shown.

Tyre Nichols was a good person, a beautiful soul, said Reverend J. Lawrence Turner.

Tyre Nichols' funeral was held at a Christian church in Memphis.

For a few harrowing minutes, one of Tyre Nichols' sisters recited a poem she wrote around words addressed by his brother to the police who were beating him: I'm just trying to get home.

A strong symbol, a brother of George Floyd, a black man in his forties whose death in 2020 under the knee of a white police officer had sparked massive anti-racism demonstrations, was present, as was Breonna Taylor's mother.

This 26-year-old African-American woman, shot dead by police in her Kentucky apartment in the middle of the night in 2020, has become an icon of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In tears, RowVaughn Wells, the mother of Tyre Nichols, called to applause for Congress to pass a police reform bill bearing the name of the stalled George Floyd. Because if we don't, that blood, the next child that dies, they'll have that blood on their hands, she pleaded.

This n' is just the beginning, promises Tire Nichols' stepfather, Rodney Wells. We look forward to justice for all families, not just ours.

RowVaughn Wells in front of the coffin of his son Tyre Nichols

As a sign of the attention given by the White House to this affair, President Joe Biden had himself even discussed, last week, with the parents of Tire Nichols.

RowVaughn Wells and Rodney Wells were also invited, by the parliamentary group bringing together elected African-Americans, to attend at Mr. Biden's State of the Union address on February 7 to Congress in Washington.

President Biden plans to receive members of this caucus at the White House on Thursday to discuss police reform legislation and other shared priorities, according to a door -speech.

On Wednesday, American police were again accused of excessive use of force after the death in California of an African-American with a double amputee legs, killed by officers while responding to a stabbing.