Attack on Pelosi's husband: suspect charged with attempted murder

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Attack on Pelosi's husband: suspect charged with attempted murder

Nancy Pelosi's spouse, Paul Pelosi, was assaulted at his home on Friday morning.

The man suspected of violently assaulting the husband of Democratic congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has been charged with attempted murder and kidnapping, the US Department of Justice announced on Monday .

David DePape said he intended to break the official's kneecaps if she didn't stop lying, according to a court document.

He entered the couple's home in San Francisco on Friday morning, equipped in particular with rope, pairs of gloves and duct tape, the Department of Justice said in a press release.

All these elements prove, according to the same source, that he intended to kidnap the person responsible, a charge that could cost him up to 20 years from prison. Assaulting her husband faces another prison term of up to 30 years, the Justice Department said.

The man entered the couple's bedroom looking for Nancy Pelosi, who was in Washington. His arrival woke Paul Pelosi, 82, who had time to call the 911 emergency number before the suspect attacked him with a hammer.

After his arrest, David DePape told officers he held Nancy Pelosi responsible for lies he believed were being spread by the Democratic Party, according to a court document attached to the Department of Justice statement. Justice.

Stating that he intended to take her hostage and talk to her, the man explained that if she told him the truth, he would release her, but if she lied, he would break her kneecaps, according to this same source.

Paul Pelosi suffered the punishment in his place, the suspect claimed.

This attack occurred about ten days before the midterm elections, during which the Democrats are in great danger of losing their majority in the House of Representatives.

Friday, before the details of the assault on Nancy Pelosi's husband became known, US security officials expressed concern in a memo that disinformation is driving some extremists to carry out violent attacks.


These fears were also expressed by President Joe Biden who, in a speech Friday night, warned that misinformation can influence people who are not fully balanced.

David DePape, who lived in a garage in a small town near San Francisco, had been circulating social media posts in recent months claiming the election was stolen or that COVID vaccines don't work.

Inti Gonzalez, whose mother was the suspect's companion for years, claimed he had mental health issues and recently turned to conspiracy far right.

Nancy Pelosi said she was “traumatized” on Saturday by the attack, adding that the state of health of Paul Pelosi, operated on Friday for a fracture of the skull and for injuries to an arm and hands, continued to improve.

The American political class was unanimous in its condemnation of the ;offensive. President Joe Biden in particular denounced a despicable act.

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