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Attal described as “perverted” in homophobic speech by Putin close friend

Pointing out homosexuality by Gabriel Attal, senior Russian official Piotr Tolstoï judged the French government as being "decadent" and trained "partly perverted". A speech à the image of homophobic Russian politics.

The charge of Piotr Tolstoï against the French government continues. After threatening to "kill all the Frenchçsoldiers who will come to Ukrainian soil" and openly mocked warnings from Emmanuel Macron, the vice-president of the Duma – the Russian equivalent of the National Assembly – s' #39;is taken against the Prime Minister. According to this close friend of Vladimir Putin who agreedé an interview à BFMTV, the appointment of Gabriel Attal à Matignon is the sign that France "is governed in part by perverts".

Referring to the Prime Minister who is openly homosexual, the senior official questioned : "Can we really think in the 21st that it's not decadent to have people so sp' ;eac;cials within the government ?" A clearly homophobic speech in which Piotr Tolstoï ensured that "for us" – understand for the Russian government and authorities – being homosexual is “being special, even perverse”.

"Not allowed à open propaganda" LGBTQ+

The statements of Piotr Tolstoyï are consistent with the increasingly repressive measures put in place in Russia. against the community LGBTQ+. Since 2022, a law has banned all forms of "propaganda" LGBTQ+ in the media, on the Internet, in cultural works or simply during community gatherings. The international LGBT movement has also been banned from Russia by a decision of the Supreme Court in November 2023. Before that, the "propaganda" of "non-traditional sexual relations" éwas already there. banned since 2013, but only à the address of minors. Laws claimed by the vice-president of the Duma who affirms that homosexual people “do not have the right to” the open propaganda of their way of life" in Russia, adding that "their private life is protected".

A protection which seems ultimately limited in such a homophobic context. In recent weeks, since the Supreme Court's decision, police interventions in establishments open to LGBTQ+ people have increased, as well as the number of police interventions in establishments open to LGBTQ+ people. same as the convictions for the distribution of photos showing rainbow flags or photos of homosexual couples kissing each other.

But the speech of Piotr Tolstoï is not new and it uses elements of language that are already in use. used by Vladimir Putin. The President of Russia, in power for a quarter of a century, has long advocated the traditional family model and opposes it to traditional societies. Western teas sometimes described as "decadent" or "Satanists".

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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