Audi came up with than to occupy the child during the time of quarantine

The company Audi has found a simple and effective way to occupy the kids during the quarantine.

Many people around the world are now sitting at home because of a total quarantine. But if adults are able to find something for everyone, for children staying cooped up has become a real pain.

В Audi придумали, чем занять ребенка на время карантина

Audi R8 from coloring books

The company Audi has found a simple and effective way to occupy children. Although, it is possible that someone from this occupation adults will like it too.

On the website of the company can be completely free, i.e., freely, download coloring book 13 pictures. Among the illustrations there are cars to suit every taste – from sporty coupé to family crossover. To pay tribute to the past of the brand, among the illustrations, there are elegant Horch, racing car Grand Prix 1930-ies and rally version of the Quattro.

Simply print the pages, get crayons, markers, or colored pencils, and immerse yourself in the world of artistic creativity.

As reported earlier, a Free Press, automakers are actively involved in the fight against coronaviruses.


Sergei Ivanov

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