August blockbusters. Brad Pitt as Kludge Killer, Man-Eating Lion Attack, Sniper Duel


    August blockbusters. Brad Pitt as a goofy killer, attack by a man-eating lion, duel of snipers

    Focus offers to watch films in different genres: crime action, lyrical comedy, military drama, superhero animation and thriller.

    August in the cinema turned out to be extremely hot: continuous military and criminal action. You will see a crime thriller with elements of the absurd, an animation about Superman's pets, a military drama about the Donbass, a lyrical comedy about the complicated relationship between father and son, and a thriller about the dangers of the wild.

    “Bullet Train”/Bullet Train

    USA, 2022, action, crime, thriller

    Theme: he who laughs last laughs

    Rating by movie- 8.8 /10

    Premiering: August 11

    Cast: Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Zazie Beetz

    If you miss Brad Pitt – then you have to watch this $85 million crime action, where the actor selflessly and inventively fights for an hour and a half. The director of the film is David Leitch, who directed “Deadpool 2” and “John Wick”, so they won't spare the movie blood.

    This tape is a free adaptation of the best-selling crime novel by Japanese writer Kataro Isaki “Killer Train”. Where everything seems to be slightly absurd for the European eye, but at the same time it is extremely logical. According to the plot, five killers find themselves on a high-speed train – a shinkansen. One is a loser killer, the other is a professional killer in the past, and now an alcoholic, the third is a teenage psychopath … All of them are connected by the leader of a large criminal group. Someone got into the car on his orders, someone – to interfere with his plans, and someone – to take revenge.

    If anything, Brad Pitt plays this one – “the most unfortunate killer in the world”, so named because his whole life is a series of troubles. At the same time, he evokes sympathy more than other heroes, which can already be seen in the trailer. All because this is the perfect role for Pitt.

    “DC League of Super-Pets”/DC League of Super-Pets

    USA, 2022, animation, comedy, fantasy, adventure< /p>

    Subject: our smaller battle brothers rating: 7.7/10

    Premier: July 28

    The DC comics company is already bringing our smaller brothers to the screens, who, of course, are also Superman. The new cartoon tells about Superman's best friend – the dog Krypto, who, of course, also has superpowers.

    According to the plot, one not too perfect day, Superman and other members of the Justice League are kidnapped by unknown villains. Now the dog Krypto needs to prepare the Super Pets from the shelter in order to quickly put together a team of them to save the owner and his colleagues.

    “Sniper. White Raven”

    Ukraine, 2022, military drama, action movie

    Theme: duel of snipers

    Rating by 9.3/10

    Premiere: August 24

    Cast: Pavel Aldoshin, Marina Koshkina, Roman Yasinovsky

    During the war in Donbass, a Ukrainian volunteer sniper (a former eco-settler from Gorlovka) wants to avenge the death of his friend, a sniper instructor (competitions with shooting distances from 50 to 1500 m, using small targets). And for this, he must find and eliminate the Russian military sniper.

    Work on the tape began in 2019. The film's budget is rather big by Ukrainian standards: UAH 30 million. Filming took place in the fall of 2020, with the participation of servicemen and military equipment of the International Center and the Northern Operational-Territorial Association of the National Guard of Ukraine.

    “The Beast”/Beast

    USA, 2022, thriller, drama

    Topic: Survive the Predator

    Premiere: August 25 rating: 7.3/10

    Starring: Idris Elba, Sharlto Copley, Mel Jarnson

    Dr. Nate Samuels, after the death of his wife, returns to South Africa, where they met. The father worked hard and was busy, but during the holidays he wants to get emotionally close to his daughters. To do this, Nate goes with them to the reserve, which is managed by his old friend Martin Battles. However, the pleasure trip turns into a deadly adventure in which Nate will have to fight for survival with a ferocious killer lion.

    I Love My Dad

    USA, 2022, comedy

    Theme: find an approach to the child rating: 5/10

    Premiering: August 25

    Starring: Patton Oswalt, James Morosini, Claudia Sulewski

    A famous American stand-up comedian starred in this tape comedian Patton Oswalt (TV series “King of Queens”). Chuck often had quarrels with his adult son, who forbade him from one thing to another. He decides to renew his relationship with his offspring, but discovers that he has blocked him in all social networks. A worried dad creates a fake account and starts chatting under the guise of an attractive young waitress. The idea goes too far – his son falls in love with an imaginary girl and now dreams of seeing her in person. What should dad do? Looking for the real one?


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