Australia wants to grow plants on the moon by 2025

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Australia wants to grow plants on the Moon by 2025

Composite image of the Moon captured by the Galileo probe in 1992.

Australian scientists want to try growing plants on the Moon from here 2025 on a new mission unveiled Friday with the goal of developing a colony.

This project is a first step towards growing plants for food, medicine and oxygen production, all of which are crucial to establishing human life on the moon. the researchers said in a statement.

Brett Williams, plant biologist at Queensland University of Technology, said the seeds will be carried by the Beresheet spacecraft 2, an Israeli private space mission.

After landing and once in the ground, the seeds will be watered in a sealed chamber and scientists will watch for any signs of germination.

Plant types will be chosen based on their ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, but also according to the speed of their germination.

Apart from creating the beginnings of human life on the Moon, this mission could also serve as a laboratory to find solutions to food security problems caused by global warming, suggests Caitlin Byrt, professor at the Australian National University.

If the x27;we can create a system to grow plants on the Moon, then we can create a system to grow food in some of the harshest environments on Earth, she noted in a statement.


This project is led by the organization Lunaria One, which includes Australian and Israeli scientists.

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