Australians noticed unusual pink glow in the sky: the cause was cannabis (photo)


Australians noticed an unusual pink glow in the sky: cannabis was the cause (photo)

In the city of Mildura, a medical cannabis grower forgot to close the blinds over the growing area, causing pink light to spill over sky.

Residents of the city of Mildura in eastern Australia witnessed an unusual pink glow in the sky on the evening of Tuesday, July 19. Netizens even speculated that a solar flare was the culprit, but in reality, the cause of this phenomenon was the lamps used to grow cannabis. This is reported by the publication ABC.

Last night, social media users wrote that the pink light in the sky is the result of a solar flare. It seemed to some that the glow resembled a “portal to the space-time continuum.” Already this morning, the Cann Group, which specializes in the cultivation of medical cannabis, reported that it was it that was responsible for the bright light over Mildura.

The company's management told reporters that last night pink light was provided over a new area for growing medical cannabis. It is assumed that lamps with such light promote the growth of marijuana.

 Australians noticed an unusual pink glow in the sky: the cause was cannabis (photo) -rozovoe-svechenie-v-nebe-prichinoj-okazalsja-kannabis-foto-e424f0a.jpg

“As As you may know, cannabis grows during long daylight hours.The flowering zone is 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, which usually occurs from 7 am to 7 pm Since the new zone will be operational in the next day or two, we turned on the lights “, – the company said.

The Cann Group explained that blackout blinds are usually closed over the cannabis growing area during the operation of special lights, but this did not happen that night, poet Omu pink light was seen by the residents of the city. The reporters added that the company's medicinal cannabis was approved for sale in Australia earlier this July.


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