Auto experts figured out which row of the road is safer to drive


June 29, 2020, 19:29 | Auto

Newbies believe that the far right lane is the safest for driving.

Auto experts figured out which lane of the highway to drive safer

It is quite difficult for novice motorists to immediately get used to the intensity of traffic, as well as independent driving without resorting to the help of an instructor. As a result, many newbies try to stick to the far right lane. They believe that it is the safest for traffic, Ukr.Media informs.

Experts decided to find out if this opinion is correct.

Experts note that the left lane is the most dangerous for traffic. The biggest danger comes from oncoming vehicles. They can unexpectedly cross a double solid line, causing an accident.

It is quite difficult to make a left turn or U-turn. Such maneuvers often end in road accidents. On the left lane “carried” the so-called "bad guys" car enthusiasts This often leads to vehicle collisions.

According to the experts, driving in the extreme right lane also carries a number of dangers for a novice driver.

In this case, you should always bypass the public road vehicles that stop at bus stops. There are also cyclists on the way.

Directly on the right lane, motorists exit from adjacent roads. They don't always want to miss cars driving on the main road.

Quite often, an inattentive pedestrian may appear in the far right lane. It is quite dangerous to drive on it at night, as you can not see parked cars or other obstacles.

From this we can conclude that, regardless of the lane, the driver must in any case be as attentive as possible.


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